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Girls playing with a rope at a Child Friendly Space in Darfur. ©Nick Rice Chudeau. UNICEF Sudan

“I-nnovate for Tomorrow”: Co-creating Solutions together with the Sudanese Children

By Yumiko Shinya, Programme Officer (Innovation) For seventy years, UNICEF has helped bring life-saving humanitarian support, long-term assistance, and hope to children in difficult situations – torn apart by conflict and crisis, living in extreme poverty and being discriminated. And over the last sixty years, UNICEF Sudan has continuously supported the […]

U-Report UK launches!

U-Report UK launches!

Last week the UK became the 24th country to join the global U-Report community! Launching via Facebook and Twitter, U-Report will allow young people in the UK to speak out on issues affecting them. We spoke to Emma Ferguson, U-Report Project Manager at UNICEF UK, to explain what U-Report is […]

Kim Van in blue T-shirt in the middle at Outreach event for disabilities at The Disability Research & Capacity Development Center (DRD), District 9, HCMC UPSHIFT Outreach © UNICEF/Innovations Lab Ho Chi Minh/UPSHIFT Outreach/ October 2015

UPSHIFT Vietnam: Kim Van is fulfilling her dream of helping people with disabilities overcome challenges in daily transportation

I still remember our first encounter with Kim Van, head of the “Assist People with Disabilities on Public Transportation” project, when we organized our first UPSHIFT outreach session at the Center for Disability Research & Capacity Development (DRD) in Vietnam. Van has weak leg muscles and is reliant on a […]

Jeffery Hall and Vania Santoso from the UNICEF Indonesia Innovation Lab speak about U-Report.

U-Report Indonesia Officially Launched

UNICEF has officially launched U-Report Indonesia: an innovative new platform that gives young people the chance to speak up on issues that affect their lives. Hundreds of Indonesian youth attended the Jakarta launch event, where members of the UNICEF Indonesia Innovation Lab explained how the mobile phone technology works. “U-Report […]

Small messages, big changes: UNICEF launches RapidPro

Small messages, big changes: UNICEF launches RapidPro

Today, UNICEF’s global innovation team is launching RapidPro: An open-source app store for international development. The article below explains why we’re pulling together award winning applications like U-report, Project Mwana, RapidFTR and more into one easy-to-understand bundle – ready for governments, large organizations, and others, to deploy anywhere in the […]