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Young Ugandans gather around to use UNICEF’s unique innovation the solar-powered Digital Drum, at Bosco Youth Centre in Gulu, Uganda.  The Digital Drum was this month chosen as one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2011.  

About 10 per cent of Ugandans currently use the Internet, and a majority of Ugandans live in rural settings with little to no access to information across areas of health, education, job training, and protection from violence and abuse. The poorest, most isolated and vulnerable children and youth are hit hardest from this lack of access when they do not benefit from crucial services and resources that could improve their health, safety and future.

In response, UNICEF is developing these rugged computer kiosks that will serve as information access points aimed at youth and their communities.   The computers will be pre-loaded with dynamic multimedia content on health, job training, education opportunities, and other services.  The innovation is being developed and tested in Uganda by UNICEF’s Technology for Development unit.

The Digital Drum is a computer built into an oil drum. It was designed by UNICEF Uganda's Technology 4 Development Unit in partnership with other companies. The drums have been installed in youth centers and other areas so that kids can have access to computers. The computers have preloaded content that youth can access. (Bosco Youth Center, Gulu)

Innovators determined to advance results for children

JOINT PRESS RELEASE Innovators determined to advance results for children Helsinki Innovation Summit explores new solutions to benefit the world’s children HELSINKI/NEW YORK, 9 November 2015 – Over 500 leading thinkers from the technological, academic, corporate, development and humanitarian world are convening in Helsinki today to unlock the way new […]

On 14 January 2015 in Liberia, Michelle Abika, holding a poster, inputs information into mobile telephones, in the West Point neighbourhood of Monrovia, the capital. Michelle, a ëU-Reporterí, is helping to raise awareness in the community about Ebola virus disease and how to prevent its spread. U-Report is a text-based communication platform developed by UNICEF and deployed as part of the social mobilization strategy against Ebola virus disease (EVD). Using Short Message Service (SMS) messages, it allows individual subscribers to ask questions about issues, to get real time answers and to share information with other users ñ ëU-reportersí ñ across the country. By giving people a new and effective platform for communication, it is intended to strengthen community-led development, citizen engagement and behavioural change.

Why 500 change-makers from around the world are coming to Helsinki to innovate for children, and why you should join

By Dana Zucker and Pilar Lagos, UNICEF Innovation Communications #uinnovate The world is changing fast. To meet the challenges all children are facing, we need innovations from the ground-up, developed by the people they aim to serve. We also need new types of partnerships and collaborations for scaling startups and […]