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Ana, 11, bathing using tap water in Lawaki village, Tailevu Province.

Can we know if water is safe in real time?

The original story was published in Medium on 05 December 2016. Written by John Feighery. View the original article here. Can we know if water is safe in real time? UNICEF and the world’s water experts take on the challenge Everyone who works in the water sector would love to have a quick […]

o	Jonathan Howard-Brand, Supply Specialist (Innovation), UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen, Denmark

UNICEF Innovation Team Spotlight: Jonathan Howard-Brand

Tell us a bit about your background.  I am a product designer by trade, but more of an engineer who knows how things works rather than make them look pretty. E.g. I have designed machinery that flavours Pringle chips, shred cheese or release fire doors when there is a fire. […]

Community health volunteer Mariam Diarra uses a device to time the breathing of eight-month-old Gimbala Keita, who suffers from pneumonia, during a home visit in the village of Kabe, Mali on Monday August 30, 2010.

All aboard: A mission to Addis Ababa to align stakeholders in the process of improving a diagnostic aid for pneumonia

By: Jonathan Howard Brand With the challenges children face evolving at a faster rate, UNICEF continues to use innovation to improve UNICEF programmes, integrate technologies and develop effective life-saving tools and products.  The biggest challenges that face the world are not solved by one organization or one group of people […]

UNICEF Innovation Team Spotlight: Kristoffer Gandrup-Marino

UNICEF Innovation Team Spotlight: Kristoffer Gandrup-Marino

Kristoffer Gandrup-Marino. Chief, Innovation, UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen Tell us a bit about your background. I grew up in a hippy family and went to a hippy school where a key theme was the need and vulnerability of the underprivileged. I later studied organisational sociology and philosophy of leadership. After my […]

[NAME CHANGED] Alice,15 years old, holds her a 4-month old baby born with microcephaly in Recife.

Improving Diagnostic Tests for Zika Virus Infection

UNICEF in close collaboration with WHO and PAHO have convened for the creation of the first Target Product Profiles (TPPs) which aim to incentivize industry and research for the development of Rapid Diagnostic Test(s) to diagnose active Zika infection detection as well as evidence of prior Zika infection. The TPPs aim to […]

Battling Diarrhoea: Repackaging ORS & Zinc

Battling Diarrhoea: Repackaging ORS & Zinc

After pneumonia, diarrhoea is the second biggest cause of deaths of children under five years old, responsible for 15 per cent of child deaths in low income countries in 2008 (World Health Organization, 2012). Diarrhoea accounts for nearly 760,000 deaths per year and only one third of children with diarrheal diseases […]