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A Model LED Light constructed from the LED Safari Kit, Made of ping-pong balls and a straw bowl

“I Can Light-Up My Future.”

Written by Arianna Freschi MIT Enterprise Forum Pan-Arab: ‘Innovate for Refugees’, inspires innovation for the well-being of all children.  The Syrian conflict has created the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, with over 4.8 million registered refugees fleeing to Syria’s neighboring countries. 1.1 million of these are children […]

Working together - 25 people involved in the youth sectors, including local and international NGOs, the Private Sector, and key players in social and technical education.

Empowering the New Generation of Innovators in Jordan

By Arianna Freschi Mo’atesem is a 15-year-old boy, displaced from Syria and now lives in Jordan. He has been out of school since he was 9, although he has been attending the UNICEF-funded Makani Centre in Zarq’a. Mo’atesem is a maker. Learning from videos on YouTube, he has taken old […]

Measuring success in WASH: the tea indicator

Measuring success in WASH: the tea indicator

By Eva Kaplan, Innovation Specialist, UNICEF Jordan When you think of UNICEF, you probably don’t think of water networks and wastewater treatment plants. But in emergency settings—like the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan—there are often large populations located in places with no water and waste infrastructure, and ensuring that people have […]