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RapidFTR serves as a force for change in some of the world’s most complex emergencies

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OB44xdhvrQ] RAPIDFTR: an open-source mobile application that helps humanitarian workers gather and share information to support Family Tracing and Reunification in emergencies. In every emergency, the commotion of survival and flight leads to the separation of children from their caregivers. By introducing RapidFTR–an open-source mobile phone application–to replace the […]



RapidFTR (Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification) helps humanitarian action workers to quickly collect vital information from children who have been separated from caregivers in disasters, and to share it securely with people who can get them help and find their families. This open source mobile application is used to record […]

Design for UNICEF student project: PowerClip

This past month we had a special opportunity to send our prototype of the PowerClip to the Philippines with a UNICEF innovation in emergencies specialist to be tried out in UNICEF’s response to Typhoon Yolanda. Our hope was to get some real time user feedback of the product in the optimal situation.  As […]