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More than 67,000 U-Reporters are victims of bullying

Two-thirds of young people in more than 18 countries say they have been victims of bullying

PRESS RELEASE On International Youth Day, a new poll highlights prevalence of bullying and its devastating impact on young people NEW YORK, 12 August 2016: More than nine out of 10 young people believe bullying is a pervasive problem in their communities, and two-thirds say they have experienced bullying first hand […]

Jeffery Hall and Vania Santoso from the UNICEF Indonesia Innovation Lab speak about U-Report.

U-Report Indonesia Officially Launched

UNICEF has officially launched U-Report Indonesia: an innovative new platform that gives young people the chance to speak up on issues that affect their lives. Hundreds of Indonesian youth attended the Jakarta launch event, where members of the UNICEF Indonesia Innovation Lab explained how the mobile phone technology works. “U-Report […]

Millions of Indonesian youth are affected by violence ©UNICEF Indonesia/2014

Indonesian U-Reporters Speak Out on Violence Against Children

Written by: Awis Mranani. The results are in. UNICEF has just completed its first major survey using the U-Report Indonesia polling system. Young people across the Southeast Asian nation were asked for their views on the taboo subject of violence against children. More than 4,000 U-Reporters were involved in the Twitter-based […]