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©UNICEF/ New York/2018

RapidPro Embraced by SDG Action Campaign & UN Development Community

The UN Development Operations Coordination Office (UNDOCO) will incorporate a real-time monitoring module using the open source platform, RapidPro, into UN INFO and make it available to all UN country teams. UN INFO is a platform that digitizes the UN Development Assistance Framework and is being rolled out to all UN country […]

Digital Monitoring solutions at work: Early Detection and Support to Palestinian Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities

Digital Monitoring solutions at work: Early Detection and Support to Palestinian Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities

By: Selena Bajraktarevic, Zurine Cadena Jimenez, and Raquel Wexler Three-quarters of Palestinians use social media networks, and the percentage of persons 10 years and above who use these networks reaches 75% of internet users. As the prevalence of households with smartphones in Palestine has become more ubiquitous, with smartphone coverage […]

Government extension workers in Insiza district (469 km south of the Zimbabwe capital, Harare) receive training on the Rural WASH Information Management System (RWIMS) – SMS Notification Response (SNR). Photo credit: ©UNICEF Zimbabwe/2018/ Mutsiwegota

Digital Monitoring in support of National eSystems Strengthening: Lessons from UNICEF’s RapidPro Scale Up Initiative

By: Raquel Wexler, Deepak Bhaskaran, Sean Blaschke, Wojciech Koprowicz, Cary McCormick, Iain Murray, Lillian Luanda, Zuriñe Cadena Jimenez The Real-time Monitoring through RapidPro Scale-Up initiative is enabling UNICEF teams to leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the delivery of national services and monitoring of programmes, while strengthening the ability […]

A Zimbabwe Government extension worker updates the status of a borehole in Chikomba district, 118 km south of the capital, Harare. ©Ministry of Environment, Water & Climate, Zimbabwe/2018

Reaching the Hardest-to-Reach: Accelerating the Delivery of Water and Sanitation Services through Real-time Monitoring (RTM) in Zimbabwe

By Moreblessing Munyaka, Aidan Cronin, Raquel Wexler Learning how to scale innovations Rural communities in Zimbabwe can now more quickly report water and sanitation (WASH) service deficiencies directly to government and obtain the services they need, thanks to UNICEF’s support to the Government of Zimbabwe’s national real-time monitoring systems and […]

Nursing Officer Pauline Nalutaaya collects and sends the weekís public health data to the district headquarters at Butenga Health Centre IV, in Bukomansimbi District, via mTrac. Health workers are sending weekly health reports using the service, minimizing costs previously related to paper-based reporting.

In September 2013, an innovative government-led initiative known as mTrac is helping to improve the quality of health care and better save children's lives in Uganda. Launched by the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF and other partners, mTrac uses basic mobile phones and Rapid SMS text messaging to monitor and track disease prevalence, drug stocks, health-service delivery and other health-related issues in real time, including in many of the countryís most remote areas. Currently, more than 10 million mobile phone users have the ability to engage with the Government in monitoring health services using the service. Digital innovations, including Ugandaís mTrac, are helping countries to reduce child mortality and support the global movement ëA Promise Renewedí. As of 12 September, 176 governments have signed the ëCommitting to Child Survival: A Promise Renewedí pledge, and thousands of civil society groups and private individuals have mobilized actions and resources in support of the goal of ending preventable child deaths within a generation. Uganda is among 15 low-income countries that have achieved reductions in under-five mortality of more than 100 deaths per 1,000 live births since 1990.

UNICEF looks to scale real time monitoring systems using open source technology to 110 countries by 2021.

By Raquel Wexler and Ye Wang UNICEF aims to scale up national real-time monitoring systems in 110 countries by 2021, starting with an initiative to support 11 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and East and South Africa regions through the scale up of RapidPro. US$3 million […]

Health workers harness real-time data to support Indonesia’s largest immunization campaign

Health workers harness real-time data to support Indonesia’s largest immunization campaign

By Tanya Accone @accone – Insights from a recent field mission at Bandung Barat District in West Java Province. Indonesia has the fourth highest number of underimmunized children in the world — 1.9 million. It also has a government determined to take action to improve immunization coverage. Together with UNICEF, […]

Children outside a flood affected school library in 2013. Cambodia is among one of the most disaster prone countries in the world

New innovations protecting lives in flood-prone Cambodia

By James Happell, Technology for Development Manager – People in Need, Cambodia Seasonal flooding is a perpetual challenge for the people of Cambodia, a country consistently ranked as one of the most vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters. Floods in 2013 covered almost half the country and affected nearly 1.7 […]

UNICEF Innovation Team Spotlight: Olga Nasaazi Kayima

UNICEF Innovation Team Spotlight: Olga Nasaazi Kayima

Olga Nasaazi Kayima, RapidPro Community Manager, and Deployment Consultant Tell us a bit about your background. I am Ugandan and spent the first 9 years of my life in Kampala, Uganda. I was sent to the UK when I was 10 years old to live with my maternal aunt when […]