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A bit too much co-creation

Chaotic and stressful… It was our first co-creation workshop with folks from civil society and the autonomous government in the southern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. We were co-creating the design research tools to develop an “empathy-driven” regional policy for Indigenous and Afro-descendant children. I’m used to workshops where: tons of […]

Mother and child from the Northern Atlantic Autonomous Region are seen as experts of their own experiences during policy-making process. Credit: UNICEF Nicaragua

Video: Designing for Children in Nicaragua

Can policy-makers think like designers? Can they approach policy-making the same way designers develop products that people value? At UNICEF Nicaragua, we have pioneered the use of a Human Centered Design approach to support the government develop an empathy-driven policy for indigenous, Afro-descendant and Mestizo children. The goal was to […]