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Class Picture - Representatives from the Fund's 5 open source tech start-ups + mentors + UNICEF team.

6 Superstar Mentors + Fund’s 5 Start-Ups Meet in Dubai to Discuss Pitfalls, Red Flags, Strengths, and Value Propositions.

UNICEF’s Innovation Fund recently announced investments in 5 open source tech start-ups, in its first set of external seed capital investments. In addition to financing, portfolio companies receive bespoke mentorship and technical assistance. Generously hosted by Her Excellency, Shamma Bint Suhail Faris al-Mazrui and the Ministry of Youth in Dubai, […]

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Are Open Source Business Models Viable?

At UNICEF Innovation we are seeking to document a set of business models for open-source startups that would provide value back to both the makers and investors, while also creating global public goods in the process. To further this goal, we gathered leading minds in the fields of open-source, business, legal, […]