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Students in a Government Primary School Sheikh Maula Gambat, Khairpur district, Sindh province, Pakistan. ©Asad Zaidi

UNICEF Works with U-Reporters to improve menstrual hygiene for girls and women in Pakistan

Pakistan – July 2017 – Hira Hafeez- Ur- Rehman Talking about menstruation should not make people, particularly young girls, and boys – feel uneasy, or embarrassed. Menstruation is a normal, major stage of puberty in girls. However, many girls in Pakistan and around the world still feel ashamed to talk about […]

The winners of 'I imagine Ghana' with UNICEF Ghana Country Representative Susan Ngongi (centre), Reach for Change staff, and Joe Jackson from Dalex Finance (rear left). UNICEF Ghana/2015/CGros

UNICEF Ghana launches new incubator model to support local innovations for children

Solutions to society’s most pressing problems are often found by those most affected by them. Many “new” technologies are really combinations and modifications of existing, independent ideas. Innovating means tweaking. In Ghana, as in many other countries, innovative tweakers are already working locally to improve the lives of children. What […]