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Anbar Governorate is the largest in Iraq, and has a significant population of displaced people due to ongoing armed conflict. UNICEF is working to implement its full range of activities, covering education, health and nutrition, child protection, water, sanitation and hygiene and emergency services to people in and out of camps. © UNICEF/UN0203983/Jeelo

Using frontier technology & data to monitor child poverty in Iraq

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq has entered a new phase. Long periods of violence and widespread displacement have left many families and their children without jobs and livelihoods; their homes and houses damaged and basic services disrupted. Children are the most affected group — they’ve not only left their homes […]

Progress so far around School mapping visualization tool for Colombia. UNICEF/Innovations/2018

Unlocking the power of data for social good in Colombia

Written by: Viviana Cañon Tamayo, UNICEF Colombia  With the technical assistance of UNICEF’s Office of Innovation in New York and the financial support of the Innovation Fund, Colombia’s Country Office is currently developing three potential uses of Big/New Data Analysis: school mapping, natural disasters, and epidemics. By using and combining […]

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Project Connect, in Partnership with UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, Launches First of Its Kind, Interactive Map Visualizing the Digital Divide in Education

By Sara Jacobs, CEO of Project Connect @ProCoWorld We are excited to announce the launch of Project Connect’s interactive map of school locations and Internet connectivity. The Ventures Team in UNICEF’s Office of Innovation has worked in partnership with Project Connect since its founding in early 2017 and believes this […]

Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative to drive the use of Big Data for Social Good

Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative to drive the use of Big Data for Social Good

Telefónica Press Release  MWC, Barcelona, February 28th, 2017.- Telefónica announced its collaboration with UNICEF through their Magic Box initiative – a Big Data for Social Good platform which collects real-time data, combining and analysing aggregated and anonymised data from private sector companies. Magic Box was launched in 2014, when it […]