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On 5 October 2015 in Serbia, Afghan children play in a UNICEF-supported child friendly space inside the reception center for refugees and migrants in Presevo, close to the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. UNICEF Serbia, in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council, has established two child-friendly spaces, one in the town of Presevo, and one in the capital city, Belgrade. The spaces have educational materials and toys for the children who are passing through the area, exhausted from their long journeys.

In September 2015, growing numbers of refugees and migrants seeking safety in Europe continue to enter or pass through Serbia. Many of them are fleeing violence, conflict and insecurity in their countries of origin. By 25 September, 141,259 people had expressed their intent to seek asylum in the country. They are among the 487,497 refugees and migrants who have arrived in Europe by sea in 2015. About one in every four asylum seekers in Europe so far this year has been a child. More than 130,000 children sought asylum between January and July – an average of over 18,000 children every month. A significant number of children are travelling unaccompanied or have become separated from their families on the move. As if their current plight were not distressing enough, the vast majority of children seeking refuge in Europe are escaping horrors we can only imagine – half of those arriving in Europe across the Mediterranean Sea so far this year are Syrians. UNICEF estimates that as many as 320,000 refugee and migrant women and children in Europe could be in need of assistance over the next six months. Beyond UNICEF’s deep involvement in responding to the crises in the Syrian Arab Republic and neighbouring countries, UNICEF is active in supporting migrant and refugee children in European countries where it has existing programmes. In response to the crisis, UNICEF, working with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (

Tech world hits refugee crisis wall

Original article published on 4 November 2015 on USA Today. Written by Kim Hjelmgaard. To read the original article, click here. DUBLIN — The technology world prides itself on its capacity to solve problems and it has taken an active interest in a pretty big one recently: Europe’s migration crisis. But the […]

The Ethics of Innovation

Each field has its own language and ethics. How do you work with beneficiaries (or users)? How do you conduct monitoring and evaluation (or A/B tests)? What does it mean to implement (or deploy)? These lexicons don’t always connect—and when they don’t, we see wasted effort and the potential to […]