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Tying it all together

Tying it all together

By Ruchit Nagar, Co-founder and CEO at Khushi Baby Each year, 1.5 million children die from vaccine-preventable diseases and a third of these children live in India. What causes this alarming number? Take a moment today to press play and learn, why.   Taking action We at Khushi Baby want […]

Denise Gershbein Knows Design Is A Pathmaker

Denise Gershbein Knows Design Is A Pathmaker

Original article published on 4 November 2015 on Fast Company. Written by Doreen Lorenzo. To read the original article, click here. Denise Gershbein is the executive director, social impact design at global design and strategy firm Frog. She spoke with Doreen Lorenzo as part of a series of interviews with […]

On 14 January 2015 in Liberia, Michelle Abika, holding a poster, inputs information into mobile telephones, in the West Point neighbourhood of Monrovia, the capital. Michelle, a ëU-Reporterí, is helping to raise awareness in the community about Ebola virus disease and how to prevent its spread. U-Report is a text-based communication platform developed by UNICEF and deployed as part of the social mobilization strategy against Ebola virus disease (EVD). Using Short Message Service (SMS) messages, it allows individual subscribers to ask questions about issues, to get real time answers and to share information with other users ñ ëU-reportersí ñ across the country. By giving people a new and effective platform for communication, it is intended to strengthen community-led development, citizen engagement and behavioural change.

Why 500 change-makers from around the world are coming to Helsinki to innovate for children, and why you should join

By Dana Zucker and Pilar Lagos, UNICEF Innovation Communications #uinnovate The world is changing fast. To meet the challenges all children are facing, we need innovations from the ground-up, developed by the people they aim to serve. We also need new types of partnerships and collaborations for scaling startups and […]


Deadline Extended for the Wearables for Good Challenge!

Great news! Due to a surge of late registrations UNICEF, ARM, and frog have extended the Wearables for Good Challenge  to Tuesday, August 11. The Wearables for Good challenge seeks to develop innovative, affordable solutions to make wearables and sensor technology a game-changer for women and children. Anybody with ideas can submit, including students, entrepreneurs, members of the maker […]

On 7 October, a boy with a hearing impairment wears a Solar Ear hearing aid in the eastern city of Mutare, capital of Manicaland Province.

In October 2014 in Zimbabwe, an innovative technology, Solar Ear, is changing the lives of children who would otherwise miss out on education because of their hearing impairment. Solar Ear is the world’s first solar hearing-aid battery charger. The device, invented by Innovator Tendekayi Katsiga, Director of Operations at Deaftronics, was developed to meet the needs of communities that lack regular access to electricity. The Solar Ear battery charger lasts for 2–3 years and can be used with 80 per cent of hearing aids on the market today. It can be charged via sunlight, household light or a cellphone plug. The technology has spread to Brazil and Jordan, and the product is being sold in at least 40 countries in Africa – where 200 million people have a hearing impairment.

Could you design a piece of wearable technology that changes lives?

Originally published on UNICEF UK’s blog on 23 July, 2015. Written by Katherine Crisp. To view the original blog post, click here. Back in May 2015 we launched our ground-breaking partnership with ARM on the premise of accelerating the development of new technologies to overcome the barriers that prevent millions of families from […]

The Next Billion: Quartz’s forum on the mobile world

The Next Billion: Quartz’s forum on the mobile world

On May 19 2015, Quartz hosted The Next Billion forum about the next billion people to come online for the first time, largely on mobile phones. At the event, UNICEF’s Blair Palmer announced that UNICEF and ARM partnered with frog to launch the ‘Wearables for Good’ design challenge. For more details about […]

The Ethics of Innovation

Each field has its own language and ethics. How do you work with beneficiaries (or users)? How do you conduct monitoring and evaluation (or A/B tests)? What does it mean to implement (or deploy)? These lexicons don’t always connect—and when they don’t, we see wasted effort and the potential to […]