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Changing the DNA of aid toward innovation

In a discussion at Chatham House last week, UNICEF Innovation Unit Co-Leads Erica Kochi and Chris Fabian discussed the various ways that innovative strategy and technology allow us to break down barriers to development across the world. For the full video coverage, please click here. SciDev.Net provides an overview of […]

“Are We Falling into a ‘Buzzword Trap’ Around Failure?”

Reboot, by Faaria Volinski, December 3, 2013 “This question was on the mind of more than a few attendees at the FAILFaire “Fail to Scale” event, hosted two weeks ago by UNICEF Innovation. Events like FAILFaire, platforms like Admitting Failure, and publications such as Stanford Social Innovation Review’s What Didn’t Work series are proving the old adage […]

Invitation: FAILFaire – Fail to Scale

Invitation: FAILFaire – Fail to Scale

We are pleased to invite you to FAILFaire “Fail to Scale”, a discussion on the importance of acknowledging, learning from, and celebrating the role of failure in order to improve our development and humanitarian efforts. Join us on Tuesday, November 19th from 17:00‐19:30 at The U. S. Fund for UNICEF, […]