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The Right to Energy

The Right to Energy

I hold onto the over-head handles as the driver accelerates the white pick-up truck, which starts to climb the steep hill. It is the start of the wet season and I can sense the car sliding sideways a few feet in the red mud before finding traction on the rocks […]

“Much to Learn, You Still Have” : Outcomes from UNICEF’s Next Generation in Burundi

This week we have told stories about the UNICEF’s Next Generation field trip with the Burundi Innovation Lab in April. The remote volunteer opportunity and working trip these eight NextGeners participated in is just the start of a revolutionary partnership between the UNICEF Innovation Unit and the public. For the first time, individuals have the opportunity […]

Project Lumiere

While Burundi is a beautiful and verdant country that is full of resources, it is also one of the most energy poor countries in the world – drastically limiting the resources communities can both access and generate.  Only 3% of the population has access to the electrical grid (which is […]