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Flying high over Malawi: My time working with drones

Flying high over Malawi: My time working with drones

The original story was published in medium.com/unicef_malawi on 16 March 2017. View the original article here. This written reflection is by Matthias Boyen, a UN Volunteer working as HIV/AIDS support project officer with UNICEF Malawi. Living and working in Malawi has always been exciting. As a student in conflict and development, […]

Engaging global partners to innovate for Indonesian children

Quick question: What do you get when you mix Schneider Electric Country Presidents with UNICEF innovators? Here’s our answer: Creative arts, storyboards, and video skits! In a recent workshop run by UNICEF Indonesia with WDHB (Worldwide Experiential Learning for Executives) and KIBAR (an Innovation group from Jakarta), UNICEF presented Schneider’s […]

Emergency Kit for Adolescents

As Indonesia is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world, it is critical to ensure that the community is well prepared for disasters, and that the response mechanisms are quick, effective and organized. To meet this objective, UNICEF Indonesia believes it is important to involve adolescents and […]