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New open source app helps protect children displaced by conflict

New open source app helps protect children displaced by conflict

A life–saving service for vulnerable children caught up in crises is now available to government, aid agencies and social service workers through an open source app developed by UNICEF and its partners. The app known as Primero, facilitates the secure collection, storage and sharing of data to improve child protection, […]

22/06/2016: Staff from the Child Welfare Department at the Ministry Of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation compaire information on tablets during a training session at the Ministry in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The staff are being trained to use an App installed on tablets which was built with Open Data Kit Software by the Open Institute. The App contains the questions used by the Ministry to assess the minimum standards of alternative care. Each questions is scored by the inspection, scores will be automatically computed  and uploaded on the Ministry website. The aim is to assist in near real time data analysis which will improve site feedback from 4 days to 1 day turn round of data. The improved data flow will assist the Ministry with quicker decision making.

Star Wars: Force For Change supports digital monitoring systems in Cambodia

By Suman Khadka, UNICEF Cambodia Digitalizing Cambodia’s inspection system to better protect children living in residential care In Cambodia, an alarming number of children are orphaned or abandoned, left to grow up in residential care facilities, apart from anyone they’ve known. Of the 5.4 million children under the age of […]

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Borey Ratana tracks a well with a smartphone in Prek Changkran Leu village, Prey Veng province.

Smart technology, smarter wells

The below blog post was originally published on 9 April 2015 on UNICEF Cambodia‘s blog  by Martina Tomassini. To read the original article, click here. EU funds UNICEF/Cambodian Government partnership to map wells with smartphones to enable access to critical information during emergencies PREY VENG, Cambodia, 9 April 2015 – Build an app […]