All participants (in blue), mentors and UPSHIFT organizers (in white) UPSHIFT Workshop © UNICEF/Innovations Lab Ho Chi Minh/UPSHIFT Workshop/ Truong Viet Hung/ November 2015

An UPSHIFT Journey: From Kosovo to Vietnam

Enter UPSHIFT Social Impact Workshop In 2014, Unicef Kosovo Programme‘s UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo developed and launched the first UPSHIFT programme ever. UPSHIFT seeks to create youth-led social impact programs by providing them with the necessary skill training, financial resources and mentorship. The Kosovo program achieved some impressive results: More than 126 […]

UPSHIFT Workshop Day 3: Certificates © UNICEF/Innovations Lab Kosovo/UPSHIFTWorkshop/NjomzaKadriu/March2015

How can we motivate youth to be agents of social change?

By Dana Zucker, Communications Lead: UNICEF Innovation.  I’ve just returned from Kosovo where the UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with local NGO Peer Educators Network (PEN), successfully and impressively completed their second weekend-long UPSHIFT: Social Impact Workshop. UPSHIFT is the cornerstone activity in the Lab’s By Youth For Youth […]