Innovation Lab

UNICEF Innovation Labs are physical spaces that bring together academia, government, civil society and the private sector, as well as young people. Labs are places to co-create sustainable, open-source solutions for pressing challenges.

Kosovo Innovation Lab


Innovations Lab Kosovo has worked with over 3,600 youth through workshops, projects and national satellite labs. The Innovations Lab Kosovo is:

  • A creative space: Encouraging young people to transform their ideas into concrete projects that directly impact their own lives and those of their peers
  • A technological hub: Harnessing new and emerging open-source and mobile technologies to address some of the most urgent data needs of Kosovo’s public institutions
  • A network: Linking local youth, on-site and remote mentors, Kosovo’s public institutions, international resources and open-source communities to develop innovative, youth-led solutions to local challenges
  • A process: Strengthening the professional capacity of Kosovo’s youth, by providing multiple opportunities to gain practical experience in a ‘failure-friendly’ environment
  • A platform: Building the capacity of youth to engage in policy issues by introducing a variety of formal and ‘alternative’ advocacy tools, channels and platforms for youth to directly advocate for themselves, their peers and their communities


Ugandan Innovation Lab


Innovations Lab Uganda developed the Digital Drum, voted by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2011.

Zimbabwe Innovation Lab


The CCORE research facility advances stakeholder knowledge by collecting and disseminating actionable data and information.