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TIME Magazine Covers UNICEF supported mTrac system in Uganda

In TIME Magazine latest issues covers one of UNICEF’s mHealth systems in Uganda . M-Trac is a SMS-based disease surveillance and medicine tracking system. It provides real-time data for response while monitoring health service delivery performance. The initiative also integrates governance and accountability through citizen feedback, an anonymous hotline and public dialogue […]

BBC Covers Mwana in Malawi

The BBC Future Section writes an article about Programme Mwana in Malawi called “RapidSMS: Saving a life in 160 characters”.  The articles describes the history of RapidSMS and the specific implementation of Mwana in Malawi. It also describes how RapidSMS has been extended in Malawi to cover pre-natal and post-natal care, […]

mHealth Interoperability Workshop

UNICEF invited a group of leading mHealth implementors and innovators for a 5 day workshop in Kigali, Rwanda in early July 2012. The gathering saw technologists, health experts, ministry of health officials, and international development workers under one roof to discuss interoperability between key mHealth software solutions. Currently, the mHealth […]

The Open Source mHealth Software Landscape

Ahead of next week’s mHealth workshop in Rwanda, I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of the key platforms and tools that will be represented there. These include a variety of frameworks, server-side tools and mobile applications commonly used to supply mHealth solutions in developing countries. Ultimately, most countries implement a […]

Visualizing the Future of mHealth

Visualizing the Future of mHealth

One of the projects I’ve been working on with the Tech Innovation Unit is in defining and communicating their vision for scaling mHealth projects (healthcare supported by mobile devices). Over the last number of years, UNICEF and their partners have seen how mobile technologies can be used to overcome a […]

U-reporting from the Rio+20 summit

U-report is at the Rio+20 summit supporting the Government of Uganda in its negotiations around  youth and children. Fatuma, our U-reporter in Rio, is sitting with the Ugandan Delegation in these negotiations. After these meetings she sends out poll questions to our 125,000 U-reporters in Uganda. Overnight, thousands of Ugandans send in responses […]

UNICEF teams up with partners to launch mPowering Frontline Health Workers Partnership

UNICEF teams up with partners to launch mPowering Frontline Health Workers Partnership

Today we are proud to join USAID, the mHealth Alliance, the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Intel, MDG Health Alliance, Glaxo Smith Kline, Praekelt, and the Absolute Return for Kids in the announcement of the partnership: mPowering Frontline Health Workers. The partnership aims to improve child health by […]