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Dustin York Summer Fellowship video documentation

[vimeo w=700&h=393] Dustin York worked with UNICEF’s Innovation Team as this past summer’s DesignMatters Fellow from the Art Center College of Design (Graduate Media Design). He reflected on his major projects and collaborations and produced a video to describe his experience—what he contributed, learned, and ultimately took away from […]

Child Friendly Technology’s Call for Input

[vimeo w=700&h=467] Child Friendly Technology is a framework for the use of technology in educational programs. This project originated with a request from UNICEF’s Education Section, who expressed the need for a slightly more formalized system to describe the implementations of an educational initiative in a programme country.  This […]

UNICEF and Academia video

[vimeo w=700&h=467] UNICEF has benefitted from numerous and varied academic collaborations, from classes designing prototypes to research groups exploring practices in the field, all with the intention of spurring innovation for development. We talked via skype to students and a professor from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, a student representing […]

PSFK’s report on the Future of Health

Piers Fawkes is founder and CEO of PSFK, a New York City based trends research and innovation company. Piers approached UNICEF Innovation Team co-lead Christopher Fabian with the idea of putting together a comprehensive report on the Future of Health. UNICEF’s role for the benefit of the report was to […]

Child Friendly Technology Wheel iterations

The Child Friendly Technology wheel was developed to describe the individual particularities that make up an entire scenario. What is being mapped is all the considerations that go into implementing technology into an educational initiative. The wheel begins to describe that the project always starts with a problem statement, for […]

Panthea Lee— “New Methods for Data Collection, Analysis and Use” Content Manager

UNICEF Innovation Content Manager Panthea Lee was very helpful in explaining the Unit’s partnership with Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Inspired by the UN Global Impact and Vulnerability Alert System (GIVAS) initiative that is currently in development, “New Methods for Data Collection, Analysis, and Use” was […]