Know your (immune) status – Biological Sensors

Know your (immune) status – Biological Sensors

The original story was published in Science Today on 14 November 2016. Written by Tamika Fellows. View the original article here. UNICEF’s Global Innovation Centre (GIC) has partnered with Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre to support the research of biological sensors. This study explores the potential of biological sensors to […]

This diagram is based on the Python packages with class definitions, available through the github website of the project, that was accessed on May 15th (

Discovering the endless possibilities with U-Report Big Data

By Deborah Cristina Vera-Cruz, @DeborahVeraCruz I have just finished an amazing 6-week volunteer program with the Innovation Unit at NYHQ. It has been an enriching and rewarding experience, to work with the team and be able to contribute to the great work that is being done – bringing innovative solutions […]

The UNICEF Innovation Lab Website

The UNICEF Innovation Lab Website

A few months ago, we published a DIY guide to creating your own Innovation Lab.  Of course, it was a PDF – because we wanted to be able to print obnoxiously over-sized A3, full colour copies and bask in their cyan glow.  Today, we’re happy to announce the accompanying website: […]

Open Research Template: a draft

PLEASE FIND BELOW A FIRST DRAFT ON AN OPEN RESEARCH PROJECT TEMPLATE: 1) Rationale of the assignment Rationale for commissioning an “open research paper” on [insert title of the project]. A paper based on open research is  free to the  public. The research project has “open and accessible content” and anyone can […]


This is the first in a series of weekly posts on developing a computer-aided learning (CAL) programme in Suriname. This blog will use the CAL experience as a lens through which to explore issues around innovative project design, partnership building and ways to monitor and evaluate technology for education work. […]