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Digitizing Uganda’s Health Services: UNICEF Uganda’s New Mobile Programs

The Ugandan Ministry of Health has launched an initiative to digitize the country’s health management systems. Because mobile technology can be the fastest, cheapest means of collecting and analyzing data, especially in rural areas, the Minstry is embracing mobile technology to create a seamless system of health management and early warning techniques across the […]

Technology for Development

Over the next several weeks we will be using this blog to tell the stories of Technology for Development efforts happening in UNICEF country offices – as a complement to internal discussions, we will post links and resources on this site as a way to share some past successes and […]

Child Friendly Technology’s Call for Input

[vimeo w=700&h=467] Child Friendly Technology is a framework for the use of technology in educational programs. This project originated with a request from UNICEF’s Education Section, who expressed the need for a slightly more formalized system to describe the implementations of an educational initiative in a programme country.  This […]

Design Days 2010

This video is a synopsis of the projects, themes and trouble-shooting expressed at the Design Days event on May 10-11 at UNICEF NYHQ. [vimeo w=550&h=413] We have edited down a conversation between UNICEF sponsored rapid design prototypers to profile what they have created in order to respond to and […]