Learning From Our Students

Learning From Our Students

Global, hybrid collaborations and what they mean for UNICEF I have spoken a great deal recently about how UNICEF’s global network of operations, partners and work is a powerful counter-weight to the hyper-locality of focus we have in the field.  A child protection specialist in Zimbabwe may be entirely focused on […]

mHealth Interoperability Workshop

UNICEF invited a group of leading mHealth implementors and innovators for a 5 day workshop in Kigali, Rwanda in early July 2012. The gathering saw technologists, health experts, ministry of health officials, and international development workers under one roof to discuss interoperability between key mHealth software solutions. Currently, the mHealth […]

Visualizing the Future of mHealth

Visualizing the Future of mHealth

One of the projects I’ve been working on with the Tech Innovation Unit is in defining and communicating their vision for scaling mHealth projects (healthcare supported by mobile devices). Over the last number of years, UNICEF and their partners have seen how mobile technologies can be used to overcome a […]

Programmabilities Research Project

 “The point is not to teach deaf students to be ‘just like hearing people who can’t hear’, but rather to enrich their lives and experiences within the deaf community, if they choose to be part of the deaf community.” Mel Chua, writer and educator   Mel at UNICEF with SOWC team […]

Dustin York Summer Fellowship video documentation

[vimeo w=700&h=393] Dustin York worked with UNICEF’s Innovation Team as this past summer’s DesignMatters Fellow from the Art Center College of Design (Graduate Media Design). He reflected on his major projects and collaborations and produced a video to describe his experience—what he contributed, learned, and ultimately took away from […]

UNICEF and Academia video

[vimeo w=700&h=467] UNICEF has benefitted from numerous and varied academic collaborations, from classes designing prototypes to research groups exploring practices in the field, all with the intention of spurring innovation for development. We talked via skype to students and a professor from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, a student representing […]

Panthea Lee— “New Methods for Data Collection, Analysis and Use” Content Manager

UNICEF Innovation Content Manager Panthea Lee was very helpful in explaining the Unit’s partnership with Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Inspired by the UN Global Impact and Vulnerability Alert System (GIVAS) initiative that is currently in development, “New Methods for Data Collection, Analysis, and Use” was […]