Job Opportunity

Job opportunity: RFP for institutional contractor: Education Management Information System in South Sudan

This institutional consultancy will support the Education Management Information System (EMIS) in South Sudan. The South Sudan EMIS 2014-2015 shall include four main pillars: Data collection, seeking to improve accuracy and timeliness of the collected data by building on experience to-date and the existing EMIS system Capacity development, to enhance […]

Job opportunity: Innovation Project Manager, Uganda

UNICEF Supply Division is seeking a consultant as “Innovation Project Manager” to develop and manage a number of UNICEF innovation initiatives. The project manager will drive development, testing and scaling up of end user driven innovation projects initiated by the Uganda Innovation Hub. The consultancy will be split into two halves: […]

Job Opportunity: Innovation Unit Administrative Assistant, NYC

Are you good at scheduling conference calls and meetings, arranging travel, providing different documents and templates, assisting in recruiting, and building networks for collaboration? We are looking for an administrative assistant on board immediately. If you feel you have what it takes, apply now! Duration: 11 months Start Date: Immediate […]

Job Opportunity: Innovation Consultancy on Pneumonia Diagnostics, Copenhagen

Medical Device and Diagnostics Innovation Coordinator, Consultancy with UNICEF Supply Division in Copenhagen  UNICEF seeks assistance from a consultant to coordinate, manage and implement a project that aims to increase access to innovative medical devices for Maternal Newborn and Child Health, with a specific focus on innovative devices for Pneumonia Diagnosis. The […]

Job opportunity: Designer, Innovation Unit NYHQ

The Designer’s main responsibility will be to assist with creating materials for an upcoming symposium on Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM). These materials will include a revised Community Health Worker (CHW) framework and workshop documents for the Evidence Symposium to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2013. Duration: 4 […]

Job opportunities: Design Coordination Consultant and Consultant Manual Writer and Designer for the Adolescent Kit, NYC

The Adolescent Development and Participation (ADAP) Section in UNICEF’s Programme Division is seeking: Design Coordination Consultant The purpose of this consultancy is to enhance the effectiveness of the Adolescent Kit through planning, design and production activities that leverage UNICEF’s new internal and external resources for innovative and effective design. Start date: 1 […]

Job Opportunity: Indonesia Innovation Lab Coordinator

Job Opportunity: Indonesia Innovation Lab Coordinator

To start-up this Lab in Jakarta, a dedicated Innovation Lab Coordinator is required to manage the various innovation projects across the country office. There is a need for operational research, capacity strengthening and knowledge management. Technical assistance is required to set up and operationalize UNICEF Indonesia’s proposed Innovations Lab, thus linking program […]