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Women use a mobile phone, on Île de Fitiné, an island and fishing village in Lake Chad, Lac Region. Lake Chad – once one of Africa’s largest freshwater lakes – has shrunk by some 95 per cent since 1960. Consequently, many fishing communities find it difficult to maintain their traditional way of life. The shrinkage is also linked to water shortages, food scarcity and malnutrition.

In April 2011 in Chad, malnutrition – a preventable condition – remains one of the greatest threats to children’s right to survival and development. One out of every five of Chad’s children dies before her/his fifth birthday. More than 100,000 of the country’s children aged 0–5 are malnourished, and 1 out of every 10,000 dies each day. Though chronic food insecurity is the main underlying cause of malnutrition, widespread poverty, rising food prices, desertification and climate change all play a part in this silent emergency. UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Health and other partners to improve community-based interventions structured around 205 nutrition centres throughout Chad’s Sahel belt. Between January and October 2011, these centres treated approximately 56,000 under-five children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The effects of chronic malnutrition have only been exacerbated by conflict – both internal and external – that has left hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons as well as refugees from Sudan and the Central African Republic dependent upon aid for survival. In addition to nutrition, UNICEF is also supporting programmes in other vital sectors, including education, health care, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and child protection, for both Chadian and refugee communities. UNICEF is requesting US$46.4 million to continue ongoing assistance for the country’s most vulnerable in 2012.

RapidPro: Enhancing communication with those who matter most

Originally published in the NetHope Solutions Center blog on 22 April 2015, by Emma Schwartz, who provides communications support for NetHope. Listen to the webinar recording here    During the September 2014 UN General Assembly meetings, UNICEF announced its investment in an open source communication platform called RapidPro to enhance real-time information flow in […]

UPSHIFT Workshop Day 3: Certificates © UNICEF/Innovations Lab Kosovo/UPSHIFTWorkshop/NjomzaKadriu/March2015

How can we motivate youth to be agents of social change?

By Dana Zucker, Communications Lead: UNICEF Innovation.  I’ve just returned from Kosovo where the UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, in partnership with local NGO Peer Educators Network (PEN), successfully and impressively completed their second weekend-long UPSHIFT: Social Impact Workshop. UPSHIFT is the cornerstone activity in the Lab’s By Youth For Youth […]

U-Report Uganda wins prestigious Global Award

U-Report Uganda wins prestigious Global Award

By Catherine N Makumbi, Communication Specialist UNICEF Uganda U-report from Uganda ranked into the world’s top 40 in mobile content excellence, shining a light on mobile innovation in the m-Government & Participation category. Amidst the world’s best mobile application developers U-report was honoured with the global UN-based World Summit Award […]

Global mHealth Forum Confronted by Top Health Concerns from Citizens Living in the Global South

Global mHealth Forum Confronted by Top Health Concerns from Citizens Living in the Global South

By Laura Raney (Co-Founder – mHealth Working Group) and Sean Blaschke (UNICEF) Participants at the inaugural Global mHealth Forum, co-located with the mHealth Summit in DC, held during the week of December 8th in Washington DC, discussed a number of pressing public health opportunities, issues, and challenges – including emerging […]