The New York Times profiles Mwana and mHealth

The New York Times profiles Mwana and mHealth

Tina Rosenberg of the The New York Times today wrote a piece on mHealth: The Benefits of Mobile Health, On Hold. The piece describes the ubiquity of the mobile phone, the promise it holds for health, yet the lack of evidence that still remains in this field. It profiles Mwana […]

How Do You Scale Social Innovation Startups?

How Do You Scale Social Innovation Startups?

UNICEF Tech Innovation co-lead Erica Kochi writes a guest post for TechCrunch on how to scale your social innovation startup. You’re a social entrepreneur wanting to change the world, but are having a hard time scaling your promising idea and achieving lasting impact. Many social innovation startups face similar challenges. This piece provides […]

TIME Magazine Covers UNICEF supported mTrac system in Uganda

In TIME Magazine latest issues covers one of UNICEF’s mHealth systems in Uganda . M-Trac is a SMS-based disease surveillance and medicine tracking system. It provides real-time data for response while monitoring health service delivery performance. The initiative also integrates governance and accountability through citizen feedback, an anonymous hotline and public dialogue […]

BBC Covers Mwana in Malawi

The BBC Future Section writes an article about Programme Mwana in Malawi called “RapidSMS: Saving a life in 160 characters”.  The articles describes the history of RapidSMS and the specific implementation of Mwana in Malawi. It also describes how RapidSMS has been extended in Malawi to cover pre-natal and post-natal care, […]

mHealth (Mobile Health Technology)

mHealth (Mobile Health Technology)

To ensure healthy outcomes in under-served communities, households need to be able to access essential information and services for pregnant mothers and their children. Read about all our mHealth Initiatives→

How The Future of Mobile Lies in the Developing World

UNICEF Tech Innovation co-lead Erica Kochi writes a guest post for TechCrunch on how there are vast opportunities for network operators, handset developers, and mobile startups in the developing world. The patterns of mobile phone use in developing countries are vastly different from what you see on the streets of […]

Talk from Internet at Liberty 2012

The following talk as given by Chrisopher Fabian at Internet at Liberty 2012 in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Google. Good morning. UNICEF is the world’s leading organization advocating for, and ensuring the rights of children – particularly the most vulnerable. My name is Chris Fabian and I co-lead the innovation team […]

UNICEF’s Digital Drum – Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions

UNICEF’s Digital Drum has been chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2011. The Digital Drum is designed to help rural communities that have difficulty getting information about health, education and other issues. These solar powered computer kiosks, which come loaded with educational content, are made of […]