An interview in Sweden’s leading financial magazine

One single SMS can make the difference between life and death for a new-born in Nigeria. UNICEF’s innovation guru Christopher Fabian constantly finds new solutions to protect the world’s children using the latest technology. His answer to the question “which problem is the most important to solve” when talking about […]

CNN reports on Uganda Innovation Lab – video

CNN describes the Uganda Innovation Lab as the place “where great minds and unusual materials combine”. The CNN video shows what the Lab does in order to provide new tools for Ugandan children to access the Ugandan educational curriculum even though not everyone can attend school. Children are excited and learn outside educational […]

Backpacks that save lives – Backpack PLUS on The Huffington Post

Summer is winding down. Store shelves are stocked with notebooks and pencils instead of sunscreen and beach balls. And for most kids, the essential back-to-school purchase is the almighty backpack. If you’re going to carry books and lunch to school, you’d better have something durable — and fashionable! — strapped […]

Global Development Needs Designer Skills (

“Development is being disrupted,” says Raj Kumar, president of DevEx, a site devoted to helping the international development community deliver foreign aid more efficiently and effectively. Beyond the buzz generated by the “social entrepreneurship” and “impact investing” communities, I’ve seen a significant shift coming from traditional aid agencies in the past […]

MobiStation (Digital School in a Box) and RapidFTR on IRIN

  Difficulty reaching conflict- or disaster-hit communities slows down aid delivery, hampers assessment and can lead to groups in remote areas being left out of the aid equation altogether. But new technology, while not a panacea, is helping to remove access barriers.” Aid agencies are increasingly seeking innovative solutions to […]

UNICEF Encourages the Use of Educational Technology

“The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), a United Nations’ leading organisation that specialises in helping children, launched a new guide book named the Child Friendly Technology (CFT) framework. The CFT framework, introduced on 6 August, will be used to develop innovative solutions with a focus on education.”

UNICEF Innovation Unit Annual Report

UNICEF Innovation Unit Annual Report

We are pleased to launch the UNICEF Innovation Unit Annual Report 2012/13.  [slideshare id=24741355&doc=unicefinnovationunitannualreport2012-13-130729154010-phpapp01] To view it on slideshare: This document provides an overview of new models, initiatives, and partnerships that are supporting innovation in Country Offices around the world. We have organized and tagged projects by thematic focus area, […]

UNICEF on the business of empowering children through technology

UNICEF on the business of empowering children through technology

UNICEF Innovation Co-Lead, Christopher Fabian speaks as part of a panel on how technology can empower children in the developing world and the role of business in this. Presented by Hugh Muir of the Guardian, the panel includes Renee Wittemyer, head of social impact at Intel, Gavin Paterson, managing director atYellobric and Giulia D’Amico, vice president […]

UNICEF Challenges CUNY Students to Save Lives Globally

UNICEF Challenges CUNY Students to Save Lives Globally

UNICEF Innovation Unit’s Mima Stojanovic writes a blog for the Huffington Post on the integral role that youth and mothers play in saving children’s lives globally. The focus is on Fulfilling the Promise: A CUNY Design for UNICEF Challenge, an inspiring development competition that asks students to come up with […]