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“Are We Falling into a ‘Buzzword Trap’ Around Failure?”

Reboot, by Faaria Volinski, December 3, 2013 “This question was on the mind of more than a few attendees at the FAILFaire “Fail to Scale” event, hosted two weeks ago by UNICEF Innovation. Events like FAILFaire, platforms like Admitting Failure, and publications such as Stanford Social Innovation Review’s What Didn’t Work series are proving the old adage […]

What Innovation Means to UNICEF

What Innovation Means to UNICEF

Last week, UNICEF’s global innovation team convened in wintery Kosovo to discuss how to improve the lives of children. Sequestered in the wood paneled Hotel Afa overlooking capital city Pristina’s downtown, we debated the meaning of innovation, shared our successes and failures, and plotted ways to make innovation the norm […]

Design for UNICEF student project: PowerClip

This past month we had a special opportunity to send our prototype of the PowerClip to the Philippines with a UNICEF innovation in emergencies specialist to be tried out in UNICEF’s response to Typhoon Yolanda. Our hope was to get some real time user feedback of the product in the optimal situation.  As […]

Job opportunity: Technology Officer, Burundi

Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Science, Business Administration, Engineering, or a related field? Do you have at least two years of relevant experience in information technology? Do you have excellent knowledge of office computer and information systems, including hardware, software, communication equipment technology, networking, or operating systems […]