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UNICEF’s Team in Sudan

This is the second in a series of posts on designing innovative education solutions in Sudan, based on a mission that took place from September 3 to 23, and ongoing work. This series is by Panthea Lee, a consultant for UNICEF and principal at the service design firm Reboot. Some […]

uReport: Citizen Feedback via SMS in Uganda

uReport: Citizen Feedback via SMS in Uganda

For aid organizations, knowing what local communities and beneficiaries want and need is the key to running successful, sustainable programs. In Uganda, UNICEF is using mobile phones and broadcast media to get direct feedback from Ugandans on everything from medication access to water sanitation. The project, called uReport, allows users […]

Project Mwana on ChangeObserver

Project Mwana on ChangeObserver

For mothers and newborns, early medical diagnostic testing is critical to health, especially for detecting and treating HIV/AIDS. But in some developing countries, sending and receiving a blood sample from an extremely remote location is an arduous task that can take between two and five months. Project Mwana, a collaboration […]

Technology for Development

Over the next several weeks we will be using this blog to tell the stories of Technology for Development efforts happening in UNICEF country offices – as a complement to internal discussions, we will post links and resources on this site as a way to share some past successes and […]

Child Friendly Technology’s Call for Input

[vimeo w=700&h=467] Child Friendly Technology is a framework for the use of technology in educational programs. This project originated with a request from UNICEF’s Education Section, who expressed the need for a slightly more formalized system to describe the implementations of an educational initiative in a programme country.  This […]

Dustin York Summer Fellowship video documentation

[vimeo w=700&h=393] Dustin York worked with UNICEF’s Innovation Team as this past summer’s DesignMatters Fellow from the Art Center College of Design (Graduate Media Design). He reflected on his major projects and collaborations and produced a video to describe his experience—what he contributed, learned, and ultimately took away from […]