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Notes from Sukkur district, Sindh Province

Notes from Sukkur district, Sindh Province

This post from Carlos Vasquez is cross-posted from UNICEF’s Back on Track website N 27d 58.89” E 67d 54.62” These numbers may not mean much to people here in Pakistan or elsewhere in this ever shrinking world. To information technology people these are clearly the coordinates for a geographical location, also […]

How The Future of Mobile Lies in the Developing World

UNICEF Tech Innovation co-lead Erica Kochi writes a guest post for TechCrunch on how there are vast opportunities for network operators, handset developers, and mobile startups in the developing world. The patterns of mobile phone use in developing countries are vastly different from what you see on the streets of […]

Programmabilities Research Project

 “The point is not to teach deaf students to be ‘just like hearing people who can’t hear’, but rather to enrich their lives and experiences within the deaf community, if they choose to be part of the deaf community.” Mel Chua, writer and educator   Mel at UNICEF with SOWC team […]

Talk from Internet at Liberty 2012

The following talk as given by Chrisopher Fabian at Internet at Liberty 2012 in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Google. Good morning. UNICEF is the world’s leading organization advocating for, and ensuring the rights of children – particularly the most vulnerable. My name is Chris Fabian and I co-lead the innovation team […]

Open Research Template: a draft

PLEASE FIND BELOW A FIRST DRAFT ON AN OPEN RESEARCH PROJECT TEMPLATE: 1) Rationale of the assignment Rationale for commissioning an “open research paper” on [insert title of the project]. A paper based on open research is  free to the  public. The research project has “open and accessible content” and anyone can […]