Author: Tanya Accone

John Cordiero discusses Ilhasoft’s use of RapidPro within smartphone apps

RapidCon 2016 brings RapidPro tech development community together

By: Evan Wheeler & Katharine McFadden  RapidCon is a conference that brings together technology vendors and partners with the UNICEF Global Innovation Centre to discuss the technical evolution of RapidPro’s architecture. RapidCon provides a way to orient new vendors on LTAs (long-term agreements for services) to the RapidPro ecosystem and to identify vendor […]

The all-Asia delegates at TYF16 n Bangkok

Young Asian leaders apply human-centred design to the region’s biggest youth challenges

What do the Nobel Peace Center, global mobile network operator Telenor and UNICEF innovation have in common? For starters, a shared commitment to young people as powerful and positive social change agents and the the idea that communication is key to the betterment of society. The Telenor Youth Forum Asia […]

Ulziichimeg, 6, is one of the 'reindeer people' 
 who live in Mongolia’s Khuvsgul province
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Bathrooms on the move: supporting innovation in Asia-Pacific

Innovation is one of the key ways in which UNICEF accelerates progress for children. We have defined innovation as “doing something new or different that adds value,” so it cannot simply be something that is novel, it must have impact. We don’t see innovation as something that is necessarily synonymous […]