RedCrow: Six Months with The Innovation Fund
UNICEF Innovation Fund Graduate: ekitabu

Bothub – All you need is a bot.

The UNICEF Innovation Fund is proud to see portfolio member ilhasoft — graduate. They’ve come a long way – from numerous product iterations, to deep diving into understanding their ecosystem better, strengthening their business model, and gearing up to take their solution to market. They’re now ready to collaborate at a larger scale – as they find new pathways to work with partners, investors, and the open source community.

Reflections from the ilhasoft team:

Graduating from the UNICEF Innovation Fund, our Push platform for training chatbots is now live; our team was able to secure 5 customers with an initial billing of 18 thousand dollars; we’ve been able to build 2 key partnerships: Alagoas Federal University and Alagoas State Government; and have integrated 9 supported  languages (more coming): English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi (beta) and Arabic (beta).

Looking back…

Artificial intelligence has been changing the world. Companies are investing millions in personal assistants and automation systems using natural language. These technologies have become increasingly accessible, but the cost of training is still high and the knowledge base mostly closed. Millions of people, companies and organizations are excluded because these technologies don’t support unpopular languages.

To address that, we are building a shared AI that makes it possible for developers and startups to build smarter solutions for an intelligence-based world.

Bothub is an open platform for training and sharing Natural Language Processing (NLP) datasets in multiple languages.

The benefits of Bothub are:

  • Working in languages that big companies aren’t always interested in;
  • Social power to disseminate NLP datasets;
  • Crowdsource process of training new languages;
  • Easy training and translation of datasets;
  • Better accuracy in all NLP platforms;
  • Cost reduction;
  • And, it’s powered by open source technology.

What does it mean to be open source for us?

Our solution really lives and breathes the benefits of being open source. Bothub is the Github (a web-based version-control and collaboration platform for public and open source projects widely used by software developers) for NLP training. A user can use Bothub, our open platform to create new trainings, upgrades, and translations or improve an existing training at no initial cost. This also provides users with the opportunity to work on adding new language/s. The Bothub architecture allows you to add new features to the natural language processing system, such as a data standard, time, or location.

Thanks to all our collaborators for showcasing the opportunities to scale through open source – we’re already forecasting to end 2018 with 50 supported languages. Exciting times ahead!

So as a business – what’s our pricing model?

We are currently validating our business model, which is based on subscription plans. The first free plan allows 10 thousand monthly predictions. The $45 monthly plan covers 25 thousand predictions with a possibility to pay $1 for every 1 thousand new predictions and the consulting plan.

What’s next?

In the next 12 months, our goal is to have:

  • 100+ languages supported
  • 100+ open bots developed on our platform
  • 30+ subscriptions
  • And 4 Chatbot Platforms Integrated, such as Chatfuel, ManyChat and Microsoft.

To achieve this, we are aiming to raise $500k seed funding to advertise and scale Bothub (increase users and improve data collection) and identify projects that can showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of our technology application in multiple languages. We are also integrating with some chat creation tools like RapidPro and Huggy.

We want to build a network of partners and integrate the great players of the chatbot market.

Benefits of being part of UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio

Over our investment period with the UNICEF Innovation Fund, we’ve been able to get our product live and work on validating and strengthening our business model. We’ve learned a lot from mentoring sessions and connections built through the Fund network. This growth has made us more attractive for follow-on funding and we’ve been already approached by other Investment funds.

RedCrow: Six Months with The Innovation Fund
UNICEF Innovation Fund Graduate: ekitabu