In Conversation with Daniel Ouedraogo, Senior Youth Engagement Strategist, UNICEF Cote d’Ivoire
UNICEF looks to scale real time monitoring systems using open source technology to 110 countries by 2021.

UNICEF France and U-Report France participated in the “Being a citizen of the world” event organized by the French Development Agency (governmental financial institution) in Paris on February 13th.

“An afternoon to think the world,” was the focus of the French Development Agency (AFD) for the meeting that took place on February 13 at the Forum des Images in Paris. Young people aged 15 to 25 attended the event full of ideas and enthusiasm.  Jehanne, a 21-year-old U-Reporter shared her journey and her vision of global citizenship together with other participants — from a youtube use reporter, a researcher specializing in gender equality issues, to a footballer, and a president of a foundation.

U-Reporter Jeanne talks about her engagement to UNICEF at the conference. ©UNICEF France

During Jehanne’s presentation, she was joined by other young U-Reporters from Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, and Tunisia who spoke on video. These young people were selected from a U-Report poll launched a few weeks earlier which talked about young people’s vision of global citizenship and global issues. Each of the participating countries identified two young people working in their own daily way to solve global challenges.

The results of this global poll through the U-Report tool were presented by U-Reporter Jehanne in front of a curious and interested assembly. Through sharing these results, her career path, her projects, and her vision for the youth of tomorrow — Jehanne encouraged many young people to become involved.

This event provided young people an inspiring space to meet other motivate young people, discover existing programs and opportunities of how they can engage to address the themes and issues raised in the global poll results – including the different ways to participate with UNICEF France. These opportunities and volunteer programmes were also shared with all other French U-reporters – who have voiced that they want to take part and take action.

Florianne Voisin presents UNICEF France’s actions and youth engagement programs ©UNICEF France

Florianne Voisin, youth engagement project manager at UNICEF France shares:

“At a time when everything seems to be going very fast and the global challenges are rapidly growing in number – it is urgent to act. It is essential to question the role we can have, at our level, to respond to global challenges. This collaboration between various UNICEF offices via U-Report made it possible to consult the new generations of several countries, each with their own visions, cultures and issues, and to put into perspective the notion of “global citizenship”. Finally, the promotion of citizen initiatives driven by young people is essential because they are the actors of change in the world today and tomorrow.”

About U-Report
U-Report is a messaging tool that empowers young people around the world to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them. It works by gathering opinions and information from young people on topics they care about – ranging from employment and discrimination to child marriage. U-Reporters respond to polls, report issues and support child rights. The data and insights are shared back with communities and connected to policymakers who make decisions that affect young people. U-Report is available via SMS or social media and works on even a basic mobile phone. It’s free, anonymous and easy to use. Become a U-Reporter today.
About AFD:
The French Development Agency is a public and solidarity bank, and the central player in French development policy. It is committed to projects that improve people’s daily lives in many sectors: energy, health, biodiversity, water … Present in 108 countries, AFD is currently financing more than 2,500 development projects, for the construction of a more just and sustainable world.
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In Conversation with Daniel Ouedraogo, Senior Youth Engagement Strategist, UNICEF Cote d’Ivoire
UNICEF looks to scale real time monitoring systems using open source technology to 110 countries by 2021.