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Job Number: 509470 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Headquarters Locations: Denmark
Work Type : Consultancy
Consultancy Title: Heath Emergency Preparedness Initiative Technical ConsultantLocation: UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Duration: 11.5 months

Start Date: January 2018

Reporting to: Chief, Innovation, UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen.

In 2016, UNICEF procured $3.519 billion in supplies and services for children in 147 countries and areas. Partnerships, competition, and strategic procurement delivered price reductions for vaccines and other supplies that saved $588.2 million for governments and donors. Much of UNICEF Supply Division’s (SD) work focuses on working with suppliers and a range of partners to ensure the availability of life-saving products. SD’s work in product innovation and markets effort enables the development of new products or the improvement of existing ones and interventions to decrease prices and ensure availability hereby ensuring value for money and the availability of fit for purpose and value for money products that can benefit children around the world.

Recent Public Health Emergencies (PHE) have cost tens of thousands of lives and dealt a formidable blow to the social and economic situation in affected communities and nations. They have triggered a global realization that the world needs to take measures so that we are collectively and institutionally more resilient and better prepared to respond faster to large scale PHE. In addition, emerging health issues are likely linked to climate change, natural and manmade disasters, massive displacements and changing disease patterns, add urgency for UNICEF to adjust and strengthen its capacity as a reliable partner in prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

UNICEF has worked to respond to many types of PHE over the past decades, and understands the complexities of this type of response. The organization’s unique attributes— including cross-sectoral expertise, supply capacity, experience with the Interagency Standing Committee (IASC) system, strong on-the-ground capacity at country level and a community-focused approach — enable UNICEF to serve as an effective partner for national governments in developing and implementing multi-sectoral emergency responses. In December 2016, the IASC endorsed procedures for Level 3 activation of the humanitarian system for infectious disease events. UNICEF identified areas for improvement and in September 2015 launched the Health Emergencies Preparedness Initiative (HEPI). This initiative, which seeks to strengthen the organization’s capacity for responding to PHE is being done in coordination with partners, including WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and others, to build complementarity and strengthen alignment.

Given the lessons from response to recent infectious disease outbreaks such as Ebola, Zika, Yellow Fever, and Cholera, UNICEF understands that greater preparedness and a coherent, coordinated, well-informed, and rapid response to future PHE including in terms of appropriate supplies is critical. To this end, UNCIEF has embarked on an effort to drive HEPI R&D by identifying and prioritising potential product or market gaps where a specific project is required to drive R&D in this space. Once such is identified a Product Innovation Project will be initiated to drive specify the exact need, establish market guarantees to incentivize R&D and eventually work towards driving scale of the regulatory approved products.

The consultant will support the effort of bringing clarity to which projects should be prioritized through creation of technical documentation that will inform internal and external decision makers on the different PHE areas and potential HEPI Product Innovation projects.

The purpose of this full-time consultancy is to create technical documentation for HEPI R&D project initiatives as well as to support the finalization of the prioritization framework.

Main Duties/ Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Chief, innovation, the Consultant’s duties and responsibilities will be split into two core areas:

1) Conduct literature review, map publications and other agency’s work to ensure quality and rigour to the research conducted. Coordinate with key stakeholders, including UNICEF Supply Division procurement centres and senior management, Programme Division, EMOPs, WHO., ETC to align and gain input into the consultant’s technical documentation and communication materials created.  (time allocation 70%)
2) Coordinating and aligning with the key stakeholders within UNICEF, optimize the existing prioritization framework for HEPI disease and product areas. (time allocation 30%)

Key Deliverables:

1) Two-four pager technical papers (note: a number of iterations will be required in order to finalise this deliverable)

a) Create template for the 2-4 pagers in Word format
b) Create research plan for informing the technical papers
c) For each of the HEPI disease and potential project (currently 12), create 2-4 page well researched, technical papers which include up to date:
i) Description of the disease
ii) Epidemiological information
iii) Status of disease
iv) Impact of successful implementation of a successful product
v) R&D pipeline for the relevant product
vi) Incentive to invest in R&D seen from the perspective of the market

2) HEPI R&D prioritization framework
a) Provide evaluation of current framework
b) Design and implement optimizations
c) Finalize the prioritization framework

3) External communication
a) Create a high-quality PowerPoint presentations to communicate the two pagers to external audiences inducing senior management, external stakeholders, industry as well as potential donors.

The successful candidate shall have:
• Minimum 5 years professional and relevant work experience in heath R&D and business development strategy
• Master Degree in Public Health/engineering/health economics or another relevant discipline
• Strong knowledge of PHE is an asset
• Working knowledge of UNICEF and the UN is preferable

The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate the following competencies that are considered to be necessary to this consultancy:

Core Competencies
• Excellent communicator of technical detail to a variety of global audiences.
• Ability to quickly understand instructions, to proactively seek clarification when needed.
• Ability to work well in a team environment.

Functional Competencies
• Able to work independently and problem solving oriented.
• Able to work in a multi-cultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships.
• Demonstrated communication and relationship building skills.
• Proven capacity to work with and lead collaborative teams across different locations and with different technical skills.

Technical Knowledge
• Knowledge of standard MS Office applications (MS Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
• Knowledge of HEPI/PHE
• Proven research experience

Fluency in written and spoken English is essential and in another UN language is an advantage.


Diversity and Inclusion
Treats all people with dignity and respect; shows respect and sensitivity towards gender, cultural and religious differences; challenges prejudice, biases and intolerance in the workplace; encourages diversity wherever possible.

Maintains high ethical standards; takes clear ethical stands; keeps promises; immediately addresses untrustworthy or dishonest behaviour; resists pressure in decision-making from internal and external sources; does not abuse power or authority.

Demonstrates commitment to UNICEF’s mission and to the wider UN system; demonstrates the values of UNICEF in daily activities and behaviours; seeks out new challenges, assignments and responsibilities; promotes UNICEF’s cause.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit:

1. Cover letter/application.
2. Financial quote for consultancy at a monthly rate in US Dollars
3. CV
4. Examples of previous, relevant work
5. References

Please be informed that all applications to UNICEF are handled via UNICEF’s online recruiting system. You can apply to the above consultancy by creating your profile and application at our website:   Requisition no: 509470.

Applications must be submitted through the UNICEF electronic application system by 15 Dec 2017, 23.55 CET.

Applications submitted without a monthly rate will not be considered.

Evaluation Criteria can be found here: 

Job Opportunity: Accessibility Technical Adviser, Office of Innovation
Job Opportunity: Partnership Officer, Office of Innovation