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In case you missed our latest blogs, here’s a recap of some of the top stories published on UNICEF Innovation’s blog during October. Click away.

Project Connect, in Partnership with UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, Launches First of Its Kind, Interactive Map Visualizing the Digital Divide in Education

Project Connect, with UNICEFinnovation launch interactive map – visualizing the digital divide in Education. This tool will provide better support in improving the delivery of education aid & services, globally. Explore it here.

Health workers harness real-time data to support Indonesia’s largest immunization campaign

UNICEF, & the Government of Indonesia harnesses real-time information to support Indonesia’s largest immunization campaign – vaccinating 70 million children against measles and rubella in 2 years. Find out from health workers in the field how they are able to effectively manage the rollout of this campaign here.

Youth voices matter: No more girl wives in El Salvador

Family code reform unanimously approved in El Salvador.  U-Reporters, children & adolescents’ voices were key during the deliberation the Legislative Assembly. Read full story here.

Venturing, Value Creation & the UNICEF Innovation Fund

Could the UNICEF Innovation Fund create value & transform the way UNICEF delivers its mission? This was the question 5 MBA students wanted to explore. Though we’d share bitesize takeaways here.

Meet our 2017 Summer Fellows

This year, we welcomed talented fellows to work on multiple projects. Instead of keeping them all to ourselves, we’d like to introduce them to the world. Meet the fantastic 6 here.

The “BIZ” Girls of Mozambique: Empowering girls through SMS

Taking action, young mentors in Mozambique utilize U-Report to conduct SMS-based peer council service to fellow girls and young women – providing important information and answering their most pressing questions and concerns. Find out more.

Internet of Good Things helps build the foundation for early learning in Eastern and Southern Africa

Children’s early experiences shape their learning and development. To foster this environment, #InternetOfGoodThings brings early learning info & tips to parents & caregivers’ fingertips – for free. Read more.

How young refugees are swirling up Azraq Camp with their inventions

6 months ago a group of young refugees embarked on a mission to boost Azraq camp‘s economy and foster a deeper sense of community in the camp through a time bank. As abstract as it seemed back then, they took big leaps and strides to find proof of their concept. Find out where they are at now here.

#GirlsTakeOver: Adolescents take action to end child marriage

What happens when a 19-year-old U-Reporter takes over a meeting as the Minister of women empowerment & child protection. View the outcomes here.

UNICEF’s social media platform to engage communities reaches two million Nigerian responders

In Nigeria, over 2 million young adolescents are using U-Report to voice out their concerns and share issues that matter to them. As UNICEF Nigeria Representative Mohamed Fall sharesreaching 2 million U-Reporters in Nigeria is a huge step in community engagement for improved service delivery.” Find out more here.

U-Report Improves Access to Information in Mozambique — By Girls, For Girls.

Girls in Mozambique still lack access to free, reliable, and confidential information especially around Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and HIV/AIDS. To address this, UNICEF integrated an open source platform, U-Report, a social messaging tool that enables information sharing and engagement through SMS, to enable girls to have better access to this important information. Read more here.

U-Report: A helping hand during tragedy in Sierra Leone.

An important element during any emergency is ensuring the right information is delivered to those most affected to help keep them safe. With the recent devastation that affected the Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. UNICEF utilized an open source social messaging tool, U-Report to alert communities affected about avoiding dirty water which could lead to deadly cholera outbreaks. More info here.

Malawi low cost drone built by students deliver medicine over 19km distance

UNICEF test flight drone delivering medicine built by students over 2-day workshop in Malawi. Malawi Drone Corridor lead, Michael Scheibenreif, PhD reflects on it here.