Job Opportunity: Senior Design, Office of Innovation
Job Opportunity: Market Research Manager, P-4, FT in MSFIC, UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen DK

Role: Digital Content Editor, Office of Innovation
Job Number: 507221 | Vacancy Link
Duty Station: Remote
Work Type: Consultancy
Duration: 6 months (with optional extension up to 11.5 Months based on performance and available funding)

If you are a committed, creative professional and are passionate about making a lasting difference for children, the world’s leading children’s rights organization would like to hear from you.

For 70 years, UNICEF has been working on the ground in 190 countries and territories to promote children’s survival, protection, and development. The world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations, and governments.

UNICEF has been innovating for children for more than 70 years. Innovations support the organization’s 135+ country offices in finding solutions for the world’s most vulnerable children. The UNICEF innovation work includes both policy and practice of innovation in UNICEF, and the larger UN. Innovation in UNICEF is defined as “doing something new or different that adds value.” Innovation is a cross-sectoral function that enhances programme and development effectiveness as well as management and is guided in all contexts by UNICEF’s Innovation Principles ( UNICEF is engaged in testing and scaling up new partnerships, technologies, and collaborations in some of the world’s most difficult operating environments through UNICEF’s Global Innovation Centre (GIC).  Within the GIC portfolio of projects U-Report and Internet of Good Thing (IoGT) both make concerted efforts to make critical information easy to access and do so in a meaningful engaging way.  In fact, there is a degree of overlap between the projects that if approached strategically could result in more people accessing critical information when they most need it.

About the Internet of Good Things (IoGT)
Internet of Good Things (IoGT), a feature phone friendly knowledge base from UNICEF and partners, connects communities to life-saving and life-improving information, free of data charges in 61 countries and territories globally. Users of IoGT don’t need to have a data plan as IoGT mobile resources are made accessible for free by local Mobile Network Operators. Local country offices and partners can take part in the localization of the information embedded in their local Internet of Good Things mobile site. Including 2-way communication features, the IoGT platform can also be used to capture feedback and local best practices from parents, young people and communities through the polls and survey functionalities. With comments, users can take part in discussions around the information and activities shared by UNICEF and its partners so mobile resources can be enriched over time via User Generated Content.

Topics and issues addressed by IoGT in 2017 include emergency information on epidemics, HIV and sexual health advice for adolescents, child online protection tips, maternal health and early learning material and care practices. IoGT provides advice on key ways that people – even in the remotest areas – can change their behaviour, be it handwashing tips or ensuring that babies survive and thrive.

About U-Report
U-Report is a mature, youth engagement solution serving more than 3 million young people.  There are two models of recruiting U-Reporters: First, through the traditional model of national level deployment, where SMS and Facebook are key communication channels. Second, a global U-Report system which is accessible only through digital communication channels (e.g. the app, Facebook, Twitter, Viber & Telegram). Supporting the traditional model of country model is the focus of this consultancy.

There are now 39 live U-Report countries.

This is how it works:

– Young people sign up through one of six channels by simply:

  • Sending an SMS to a short code exclusive to that country
  • Sending a Facebook message to U-Report through Messenger via a dedicated Facebook page
  • Follow the Twitter handle e.g. @UReportGlobal and register through Direct Message
  • Download and register via the U-Report app
  • Follow the U-Report bot on Telegram
  • Sign up through Viber chat

– Once registered U-Reporters receive three types of communications:

  1. Weekly polls and results on important social/development/emergency issues
  2. Alerts and life saving information
  3. One-on-one counseling/advice services on specific issues (e.g. sexual reproductive health, entrepreneurship advice, child rights or legal advice)

– Incoming messages are analyzed, sorted, and displayed in real-time on a dashboard.

– U-Reporters receive feedback and additional information regarding each week’s poll.

– Results are broadcast for U-Reporters and the general public via the U-Report websites (found here:

Bringing U-Report & IoGT closer together

For UNICEF and other partners, an increased collaboration between IoGT and U-Report is a unique opportunity to listen to communities, amplify voices and get compelling life-saving and enriching localized content out to many more people at very low cost. UNICEF will continue to further develop synergies between IoGT and U-Report and requires to improve, create and share  the available content across both platforms and explore additional dissemination methods through an initiative called the Change Accelerator.

The Global innovation Centre requires a consultant with significant communication and innovation experience to provide expert guidance on how best to engage with digital content and to adapt existing UNICEF and our partner’s content for mobile, including for IoGT and U-Report as part of the Change Accelerator initiative which will encompass multiple areas of UNICEF programming. The consultant will also provide hands-on support to prepare and upload digital content on Rapidpro and IoGT Content Management System, to support future deployments and increased collaboration at both the global and country level and to ensure alignment between programme goals.

Under the overall guidance of the IoGT Global Lead and U-Report Global Lead, help shape and adapt how UNICEF produces and distributes digital content, , via deployment through the existing Global Innovation Centre footprint and integration of this content with IoGT and U-Report solutions. In addition to its content role, this role will have a specific focus on supporting the IoGT global Lead in scaling IoGT + U-Report joint initiative across all regions.

The consultant tasks will include:

  1. Develop a mobile-first strategy for UNICEF content to be delivered on mobile via the Accelerator for Change initiative on IoGT, U-Report and other UNICEF priority projects
  2. Implement and iterate content strategy for the Accelerator for Change initiative
  3. Define and plan a content roadmap to take advantage of cross-pollination between IoGT and U-Report
  4. Adapt existing UNICEF and partners content currently distributed via IoGT and U-Report for crosspollination on U-Report and IoGT e.g: Facts for life, online safety, youth empowerment content, etc…
  5. Develop a portfolio of services and content types to be delivered on mobile via U-Report and IoGT
  6. Coordinate the sourcing, translating and adaptation of UNICEF content for a mobile- first strategy
  7. Coordinate and support the roll-out of the Change Accelerator initiative including support to country offices on IoGT and U-Report
  8. Coordinate with local (country level) Chief of Communications and C4D in Accelerator for Change marketing, scaling, communications, partnership needs etc.
  9. Provide support to communication specialists and innovation focal points in country on the Change Accelerator initiative, IoGT and U-Report
  10. Map IoGT content to U-Report polls to include IoGT links at the end of polls
  11. Integrate IoGT links into U-Partners platform
  12. Update U-Report and IoGT documentation and guidelines to reflect the new strategy
  13. Support the evaluation of a promotional plan to define and measure success
  14. Convert IoGT content into U-Report content via RapidPro
  15. Convert U-Report content into database of answers to user comments on IoGT
  16. Work with the U-Report Global steering committee to get feedback on communications, polls and knowledge centres.
  17. Use U-Report to understand what content young people need on IoGT
  18. Converting IoGT content into FAQ RapidPro content.


  • Monthly payment, based on monthly tasks and progress reports, approved upon monthly review with supervisor.
  • Consultant is responsible for his own health insurance
  • Consultant is eligible for standard DSA for all work-related travel
  • Consultants are responsible for assuming costs for obtaining visas and travel insurance
  • The candidate selected will be governed by and subject to UNICEF’s General Terms and Conditions for individual contracts.
  • The consultant will use own equipment. i.e. Computer, phone, wifi etc.


  • An advanced university degree in Communications, Journalism, Digital Media, or related fields or the equivalent years of demonstrated professional experience in journalism, digital communications, content management or web editorial fields).
  • At least five years of progressively responsible and relevant International and/or international field experience
  • Competent at working with and utilising web-based tools
  • Experience working at all levels of the content lifecycle: from copyediting to creating high-level strategies and partnerships.
  • Experienced and current in digital content and audience trends.  Ability to relate to traditional and social media
  • Strong ability to write and edit external communication materials, ability to express clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in written and oral form
  • Experience working with a wide range of CMSs, OER, content delivery platforms, etc.
  • Experience in creating or managing content for young people is a strong plus;
  • Experience in creating or managing content for learning is a plus;
  • Knowledge of current best practices in digital communication strategy and engagement and knowledge of best in class digital media platforms.
  • Knowledge of United Nations or other international aid or NGOs highly desirable.

Specialized Experience and Knowledge required for the assignment

  • Communicates effectively to varied audiences.
  • Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships;
  • Demonstrates and shares detailed technical knowledge and expertise.

Fluency in written and verbal English is a must; competence in at least one other UN language is preferred;
To view our competency framework, please click here.

Please indicate your ability, availability and daily rate (in US$) to undertake the terms of reference above.  Applications submitted without a daily rate will not be considered.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.

Closing Date: 08 October 2017

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Job Opportunity: Senior Design, Office of Innovation
Job Opportunity: Market Research Manager, P-4, FT in MSFIC, UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen DK