UNICEF’S “Innovation for Children in the Urban World” hackathon at Astana EXPO-2017: Fostering Urban Tech Solutions For Urban Challenges
How FinTech can benefit children & families

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In case you missed our latest blogs, here’s a recap of some of the top stories published on UNICEF Innovation’s blog during August. Click away.

Hurricane Irma: U-Report works to protect children
A truly global effort. Within 24 hours of receiving the warning about Hurricane Irma, UNICEF utilizes U-Report to send life-saving information to thousands of people. Victoria Maskell, U-Report Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean shares what happened behind the scenes here.

UNICEF Works with U-Reporters to improve menstrual hygiene for girls and women in Pakistan
Talking about menstruation should not make people, particularly young girls, and boys – feel uneasy, or embarrassed. However, many girls in Pakistan and around the world still feel ashamed to talk about their periods and don’t have mediums to chat about it, while boys shy away from the period ‘conversation’. UNICEF, U-Report Global, & U-Report: PakAvaz work together with the aim to address just that here.

A Migrant Child’s Journey: Understanding the Risks and Opportunities through Design Thinking, Journey Maps, and Rapid Prototyping.
Art Center College of Design and UNICEF Mexico team up to enhance the development of innovative solutions focused on addressing the needs of migrant children. How? Through integrating design-led research and people centered approaches within their methodology – find out how here.  

Migrant and Refugee U-Reporters in Action in Sicily
The influx of migrants and refugees continues unabated along the central Mediterranean route. Do we really understand the issues they face and the needs they require? To answer that, UNICEF and partners established U-Report On The Move, an open source social messaging tool that enables young migrants and refugees to tell what is happening, raise issues of interest and be heard by the institutions. Find out more.

Lessons from six young refugees that started a skills exchange in Azraq Camp
Six months ago a group of young refugees embarked on a mission to boost Azraq camp‘s economy and foster a deeper sense of community in the camp. They had a concept, to initiate a time bank. As abstract as it seemed back then, they took big leaps and strides to find proof for their concept. Find out where they are at now.

Hear-oes on Demand gold winner of UNLEASH LAB 2017
#UNLEASHLAB2017 involves 1000 talents from 129 different countries to work on innovative solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Talents, Hear-oes on Demand – a team whose building a solution to ensure integration, inclusivity, and access to basic services for the deaf won the Education & Information and Communications Technology (ICT) category. Learn more about them.

Virtual Reality Check: Making VR/AR Work for Everyone
Last year, UNICEF asked a question: Is there a place for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the ‘for good’ space? There definitely is – and our Virtual Reality Lead, Chris Szymczak shares what we’ve gathered here.

UNICEF: Exploring Smart Contracts
One way to re-shape online transactions is in lowering the “cost of trust”; in effect, improving how parties transfer assets across the Internet. For UNICEF Innovation, this means testing Ethereum-based smart contracts as a tool for improved efficiency, transparency and accountability. The team has already kickstarted this exploration through launching its first smart contract to receive Ether tokens which will be used as “Gas” (the Ether price required to execute a smart contract – essentially the fuel you need to interact with the Ethereum Blockchain). Learn more.

UNICEF’S “Innovation for Children in the Urban World” hackathon at Astana EXPO-2017: Fostering Urban Tech Solutions For Urban Challenges
How FinTech can benefit children & families