Job Opportunity: Design Lead, Office of Innovation
Job Opportunity: Digital Health Deployment Toolkit Designer

Role: Learning Management System Designer – International Consultant
Purpose: To design a learning management system (e-learning platform) for education purposes
Location: Maldives
Work Type: Consultancy
Estimated duration of contract: It is estimated that the project will take approximately 30 – working days between June – July  2017.
Official travel involved (itinerary and duration): None

The National Institute of Education (NIE) of the Ministry of Education is currently in the process of implementing a new National Curriculum Framework. The vision of the new curriculum is to prepare students for life with a clear focus on the development of motivated and inquisitive, confident and competent and responsible and productive learners. The curriculum offers a broad range of subjects and is based on eight key competencies. The framework also identifies five main dimensions relation to pedagogy; they are creating a positive learning environment, connecting the new learning to prior knowledge and experience, fostering reflective practice, involving in meaningful tasks and ensuring to address the needs of various learners. Therefore, as part of this new change, schools are expected to engage in a pedagogical shift which envisages student centered learning through rich learning experiences.

After three years of implementation of the curriculum, it has been found that there is an immediate need to expedite training of all the educators across the country on the new curriculum.  However, given the geographical dispersion of the country and the high cost of delivering training and limited human capacity at the central level required the trainings to be delivered in an innovative, efficient and sustainable way.

E-learning offers a viable solution to these challenges.  E-learning has been shown to be as effective as traditional learning, while delivery costs for e-learning are considerably lower than those for classroom facilities, instructor time, participants travel and job time lost for teachers to attend training workshops away from home and work. It is to this end, UNICEF Maldives Country Office is supporting the National Institute of Education to Establish an e-learning platform.  In this regard, UNICEF Maldives wishes to seek the technical support of an international consultant to train the Teacher Development Unit at National Institute of Education on e-learning and instructional design.

What is the basic project objective to which the consultancy is related?
The purpose of the consultancy is to increase technical capacity at the National Institute of Education on e-learning and instructional design.

The objectives are to:

  1. To provide an overview of best practices on capacity-building and training through e-learning.
  2. To make the course developers familiar with tools and techniques for effective online course development and delivery.
  3. To work alongside the course developers to produce digital learning materials in different multimedia formats with tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, etc.
  4. To share best practices and deliver training on moderating online communities.
  5. To create an e-learning strategy for the NIE to address capacity needs.

Mazeena Jameel, UNICEF, Programme Specialist, Education and WASH

(Note: The supervisor will be supported by a technical team consisting of the IT specialist at UNICEF Maldives Country Office, Mohammed Aslam, and the Head of Teacher Education at NIE, Shuhda Rizwan)

Major tasks to be accomplished

Major activities Details No. of working days Deliverables
1-  Develop a face-to face training workshop for the NIE staff ·  In consultation with the NIE, develop the training program

·  Develop training materials to meet the objectives of the training.

15 days (June ) from home base Training materials
2-  Conduct the training workshop for the NIE staff ·  Deliver the training 5 days ( July) in Male’, Maldives 5 day training workshop.
3-  Provide technical support to improve the quality of the e-courses already developed by NIE. ·  Review the current platform and e-content and provide a report on how to improve them.

·  Provide technical guidance to the NIE to improve the e-content in the current platform and instructional designs.

5 days ( July) in Male’, Maldives Written guidance on how to improve the quality of the current courses.
4-  Provide NIE with an e-leaning strategy for creating greater capacity within NIE. ·  Develop the strategy

·  Validate the strategy with NIE

·  Finalize the strategy

5 days in Male’ Maldives. ( July ) Final strategy on building e-learning capacity within NIE.


UNICEF will only make milestone payment based on achievement of specific deliverables as listed on the table above. Also note that UNICEF does not make advance payment and UNICEF is exempted from paying VAT and any other forms of taxes.

Qualifications or specialized knowledge and/or experience required

·  Advanced university degree in Information Communication technology and/or Education Technology

·  Minimum 5 years of work experience in developing e-learning courses and/or instructional design for education

·  Minimum 2 years of work experience creating professional development/training

·  Sensitivity to diverse opinions and difficulties arising from differing social and cultural perceptions.

·  Effective communication skills, both orally and in English

Only shortlisted Candidates will be contacted.


Closing Date: 24 April 2017

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Job Opportunity: Design Lead, Office of Innovation
Job Opportunity: Digital Health Deployment Toolkit Designer