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In case you missed our latest blogs, here’s a recap of some of the top stories published on UNICEF Innovation’s blog during March. Click away.

21st Century Skills for All: UNICEF and Pearson Launch Educational Partnership for Children

Our youth is tomorrow’s future – it’s important to start developing solutions together. In response, Pearson and UNICEF launch partnership implementing youth engagement programmes like #UPSHIFT in order to help young people develop #21stcenturyskills. Read more here.

Bringing design and technology to issues within international development.

Exciting new partnership – Art Center College of Design and UNICEF Mexico explore how design, research, and tech can create new, innovative approaches to address global issues. Find out more here.

Amadeus and UNICEF’s partnership

Amadeus and UNICEF aim to foster social innovation through harnessing the potential of big data, new technologies, and MagicBox. Learn more here.

Goggles for the blind: Young inventors pushing boundaries

Read how a young inventor pushes boundaries – utilizing open source systems and discarded materials to come up with an ingenious wearable device that enables blind people to navigate completely independent. Find out more here.

Flying high over Malawi: My time working with drones

UNICEF HIV/AIDS project officer, Matthias Boyen narrates his personal experience working with UNICEF Malawi – utilizing drones in emergency and disaster responses. Read his story here.

Visiting Nepal – Why we need new pneumonia diagnostics.

A work team of UNICEF visited Nepal last December to learn more about the country’s efforts in reducing child mortality and improving the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia. Laia Ruiz Mingote from UNICEF Spain shares her reflections here.

UNICEF Innovation Lab Opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan

UNICEF opens an innovation lab in Almaty aimed at developing and integrating information technology solutions to improve the quality of life of children. The first-of-its-kind laboratory in the Commonwealth of the Independent Countries (CIS) and is hosted by International IT University (IITU). View more here.

Sharing the methodology and key learnings of the BICU Innovation Camps in Nicaragua

Laboratorio de Innovación de la BICU & UNICEF Nicaragua created the BICU innovation camps – a space where young people are able to foster creativity and solve social problems affecting them. Read the key learnings here.

Harnessing mobile technology to improve birth registration systems in Cambodia

Without formal identity, you can be denied your right to receive healthcare or education, and even be forced to enter into marriage or the labour market, before your legal age.

To help address this issue, UNICEF Cambodia together with General Department of Identification (GDI) set up a pilot Interactive Voice Response platform using a combination of RapidPro and the cloud communication channels to help ensure fewer children miss out on being registered at birth. Learn more about this project here.

UNICEF Team Spotlight:

Get to know our team – who they are, what they do, and how they contribute to help improve the lives of children around the world.

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