Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative to drive the use of Big Data for Social Good
Know your (immune) status - Biological Sensors

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Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative

Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative to drive the use of Big Data for Social Good – developing real-time humanitarian data analytics to improve emergency responses.

Watch these videos below to learn more:
Luca & UNICEF Demo
UNICEF on Data & Data Partnerships

Establishing a Baseline of school safety practices using RapidPro real-time SMS technology in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Floods, terror attacks, earthquakes, and medical emergencies are the most common types of disasters in Pakistan. These disasters pose a threat to the safety of many schools and school children.

To be emergency-ready, it is vital that schools develop a safety plan. UNICEF in conjunction with its sections for Education and Disaster Risk Reduction sets out a project to identify and develop a baseline of school safety practices.

Know your (immune) status – Biological Sensors

UNICEF’s Global Innovation Centre (GIC) has partnered with Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre to support the research of biological sensors. This study explores the potential of biological sensors to revolutionize point-of-care diagnostics through increasing the accessibility of HIV severity tests without the need for laboratory test analysis.

New open source app helps protect children displaced by conflict

As an open source tool, Primero aims to foster global collaboration to improve child protection services in emergencies. Cornelius Williams, ‎Associate Director of Child Protection at UNICEF shares New technology, such as Primero, strengthens the ability of governments and aid organizations to identify vulnerable children, provide them with life-saving services and protect them from exploitation and violence.

UNICEF and UNHCR sign partnership to empower young refugees through SMS technology

UNICEF and UNHCR sign partnership to utilise U-Report for the empowerment of the young refugee population residing in Pakistan. This platform aims to create a space for young refugees to share their voice and be heard.

Designing Solutions for Indonesia’s Children in the Age of Haze

Haze from Indonesian fires presents a serious threat – schools shut down, thousands fall ill, and some die from respiratory ailments. To address this issue, a group of 30 designers, tech creatives, developmentalists, and marketing experts collaborated together in a design workshop, PulseLab Jakarta in partnership with UNICEF and Reality Check Approach (RCA), to develop new ways of protecting children.

UNICEF Team Spotlight:

Get to know our team – who they are, what they do, and how they contribute to help improve the lives of children around the world.

  • Meet Tanya Bhandari, Senior Designer, Office of Innovation, UNICEF
  • Meet Yumiko Shinya, Programme Officer (Innovation), UNICEF Sudan Country Office


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Telefónica joins UNICEF’s “Magic Box” initiative to drive the use of Big Data for Social Good
Know your (immune) status - Biological Sensors