Hi there UNICEFStories Readers. Happy 2017.

In case you missed our latest blogs, here’s a recap of some of the top stories published on UNICEF Innovation’s blog during January. Click away.

Celebrating 70 Years of Innovation at UNICEF through Design

4 designers, multiple skype calls, caffeine overloads, and different time zones – find out their journey here.

You can also download the UNICEF 70 Years’ of Innovation poster in two sizes and all the iconography here.

Open source business models: Do investors see value in investing in open source solutions?

Union Square Ventures, Joel Monegro shares why venture capital funds invest in #opensource #tech #startups, and how being open source can be more sustainable in the long term. Read full interview here.

Designing Solutions for Indonesia’s Children in the Age of Haze

Haze from Indonesian fires presents a serious threat – schools shut down, thousands fall ill, and some die from respiratory ailments. To address this issue, a group of 30 designers, tech creatives, developmentalists, and marketing experts collaborated together in a design workshop, PulseLab Jakarta in partnership with UNICEF and Reality Check Approach (RCA),  to develop new ways of protecting children.

Mobile phones help enhance decision-making, improving medical care for children in Burkina Faso

Find out how this innovative system in Burkina Faso helps the Ministry of Health identify children who are ill, provide them with immediate treatment while monitoring the availability of nutritional supplies in real-time in order to prevent shortages here.

“I-nnovate for Tomorrow”: Co-creating Solutions together with the Sudanese Children

UNICEF Sudan together with UNICEF’s Child Protection and Education sections organized a national youth workshop called “I-nnovate for Tomorrow” wherein young people were encouraged to co-design solutions for their community. Read the highlights here.

Can we know if water is safe in real time?

UNICEF Supply Division together with the world’s water experts met in Copenhagen to take on this challenge – designing solutions that can help improve existing water monitoring tools and systems. Here’s the highlights.

Mujeres contra la neumonía (women against pneumonia)


UNICEF Team Spotlight:

Get to know our team – who they are, what they do, and how they contribute to help improve the lives of children around the world.

  • Meet Valerie Crab, UNICEF’S Programme Specialist and Innovation Lead at UNICEF Indonesia
  • Meet Nenad Tomic, UNICEF’s Integrated Education Consultant in UNICEF Namibia Country Office.