Designing Solutions for Indonesia’s Children in the Age of Haze
Job opportunity: Education Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation), P-4, NYHQ

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  • Location: Malawi
  • Work Type: Consultancy
  • Role: Resilience-Focused Progamme Design Consultant
  • Time Frame: 1 February 2017  –  31 December 2017

Background and Justification:

UNICEF Malawi Country Programme (2012-2016) have been extended for two additional years to align with the National Planning Process.

The goal of the UNICEF country programme is to support the Government in the progressive and equitable realization of the rights of children and women, with a focus on their survival, development, protection and participation.

The current Country Programme in Malawi is based on the Second Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS II) related sector plans and is directly supportive of specific parts of the MGDS II. The MGDS II is the overarching medium term strategy for Malawi designed to attain Malawi’s long-term aspiration as spelled out in its Vision 2020. The objective of MGDS II is to continue to reduce poverty through sustainable economic growth and infrastructure development.

Preparations are under way to develop the UNICEF – Malawi Country Program for 2019-2023. The overall country context and programme areas, Malawi country priorities, as well as the MGDS 11 and SDGs, will be taken into consideration to inform the programme priorities for the new CPD. This may result in a combination of re- affirming the need to continue in some current priority areas with sharpened focus, continue striving for the achievement of existing priorities and identify new priorities and strategies, with a more explicit equity-focused approach within an evolving programme environment.

A thorough analysis is therefore required of lessons learnt and best practices which should be continued and new approaches and strategies that need to be introduced to accelerate progress, especially for adolescent children. At the same time, the Malawi UNDAF (2019-2023) is also being developed and any relevant analysis and documentation, including the CA and UNDAF Evaluation, will be taken into account when developing the UNICEF CPD. Against this backdrop, UNICEF wishes to engage an international consultant in supporting the development of the country program with a focus on Human Centered Design and the shifting of UNICEFs engagement towards resilience, convergence of sectoral interventions at the community and district level and upstream policy support from an equity perspective.

The CPD development will be informed by the current economic and development challenges faced by Malawi, the national planning process, and the wider development partner engagement. It will take cognizance of emerging constraints such as climate change and increased pressure on resources. A Human Centered approach will allow for UNICEF to build its CPD based on a consultative process with communities and (new) partners. This process will be informed by research and innovation to design solution based interventions to help UNICEF deliver better results for women and children in an evolving context.

Major Tasks to be Accomplished:

The consultant will carry out the following assignments:

Phase 1 Review of documentation and formulation of a work plan for developing a new CPD integrating resilience

  1. Review relevant documents on the Situation of Women and Children (SiTAN) in the Malawi (Current SiTAN, Country Program Document, the MTR report and studies/evaluations/research conducted during the current program, draft sectoral priority papers, resilience planning, and innovations).
  2. Conduct a review and analysis of existing programme documentation (current CPD/CPAP/UNDAF, sectoral work plans, review reports etc.)
  3. Review international best practices within UNICEF and beyond in terms or resilience, convergence at community and district level and integrated programming for the first and second decade
  4. Liaise closely with the University of Zurich, the University of Cape Town and Center for Social Research in terms of their involvement in resilience-focused research and human-centered design.
  5. Development of an inception report which proposes an approach to be adopted for the integration of a Human Centered design approach for the development of the new CPD
  6. Develop a work plan with a finalized methodological design which will be submitted as the inception report. The work plan will include milestones and processes required for the preparation, finalization and adoption of the CPD. Upon review and finalization of the inception report, the consultant will proceed with the assignment as agreed.

Phase 2 Consultations, Ideation and Review of strategic shifts in programming

  1. Work with programme staff to identify past significant achievements, lessons learnt, key outstanding issues affecting children and women, and identify priorities for the CP cycle.
  2. Identify stakeholders and existing and emerging partners to be involved in the consultative process
  3. Coordinate the organisation of consultative processes following human centred design principles with a particular focus on resilience and document the process
  4. Coordinate the ideation phase of the human centred design process
  5. Facilitate discussions on different programmatic options using instruments such as bottleneck analysis, results-based budgeting, … to arrive at theories of change that can guide the new CPD. Theories of change and intervention packages have to be measurable and allow for rigorous operational research (such as the one lead by the University of Zurich)
  6. Report to the CPD Task Force on a monthly basis or more frequently

Phase 3: Consolidation and preparation of Strategic Moment of Reflection

  1. Consolidate the finding into a strategic document that can guide the final year of preparation of the CPD
  2. Prepare the documentation required for the Strategic Moment of Reflection to be held in late 2017
  3. Present the report to the Strategic Moment of Reflection

Payment Schedule:

Payment will be made monthly upon the satisfactory completion of deliverables as described in the previous section.

Key Competencies, Technical Background and Experience Required:

  • An advanced university degree or equivalent in social sciences, project/programme management or other relevant disciplines, with specialized training in areas such as planning, monitoring, and evaluation, social statistics.
  • At least 8 years of relevant experience and proven expertise in planning and development, including a strong understanding of UN’s relevant Programming Guidelines on UNDAF process, UNICEF CPD process, Gender Equality, HRBA, Capacity Development, Environmental Sustainability and RBM. UNICEF experience in CPD Development required, UN Senior management an added advantage
  • Experience in drafting Country Programme Documents and SiTAN.
  • Experience in the use of some of the new programming tools such as bottleneck analysis, Results-based programming and budgeting and human-centred design
  • Excellent report writing skills, analytical skills as well as good computer skills;
  • Previous experience in planning process and practical experience in carrying out and leading independent planning exercises for UNICEF, such CPDs, MTRs and Strategic Moments of Reflexion.
  • Experience in working with teams and team processes;

View the complete Terms of Reference and deliverables here.

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Opening Date 7 Dec 2016 Egypt Standard Time
Closing Date 22 Dec 2016 Egypt Standard Time

Designing Solutions for Indonesia’s Children in the Age of Haze
Job opportunity: Education Specialist (Monitoring and Evaluation), P-4, NYHQ