The original story was published on iHRIS – Open Source Human Resources Information Solutions on 25 July 2016. Written by Amanda Puckett BenDor. To read the complete story, click here.

IntraHealth International and UNICEF launched the mHero platform in late 2014 in the midst of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Originally designed to help Ministries of Health connect with frontline health workers via SMS messages to collect and share information helpful for a rapid response to Ebola, mHero is now a tool embraced by Ministries of Health to support two-way communication for a wide-range of health services.

mHero is different than other mHealth applications–it is not an application designed to address a single programmatic purpose. Rather, mHero provides an infrastructure which is adaptable to a Ministry’s needs and which leverages information the Ministry is already managing on health workers. Deploying mHero is not about deploying a software technology, it is about people and processes–the organizational development needed to govern and manage such a powerful tool.

©Trevor Snapp IntraHealth International
©Trevor Snapp IntraHealth International

mHero is not a wholly new technology. Rather it is a system that embraces various open source health information systems such as iHRIS–IntraHealth’s human resources information system–and RapidPro–UNICEF’s two-way interactive messaging system–and DHIS2 to facilitate communication to health workers. Behind those communications, mHero’s technology allows system integration and information sharing leveraging components of OpenHIE, a set of technologies that allows data systems to speak to each other using open international standards for data exchange.

princplesfordigitaldevFrom its inception, the organizations supporting mHero have aligned the development and deployment alongside each of the nine Principles for Digital Development, a living set of guidelines intended to help development practitioners integrate established best practices into digital health programs.

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