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On July 20th, UNICEF working with the US Fund hosted the 2nd event in this year’s Tech For Good series: Virtuous Reality: How VR & AR can make the real world a better place.

To an audience of about 90 people, panelists from Google VR, Oculus, Meta and UNVR / Variable Labs discussed their hopes (and fears) for how virtual and augmented reality will impact the social good space. Events like these have sparked interest on how Virtual Reality can propel social impact.

In a recent article, OZY shared how Virtual Reality has successfully changed the landscape for fundraising initiatives. A powerful example of which is this eight-minute film called, Clouds Over Sidra, which puts you in the shoes of 12-year-old Sidra, who narrates her day-to-day existence. This film was in collaboration between, UNICEFUN Millennium Campaign, Samsung and

Erica Kochi, co-founder of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit, says

“It’s not just for technophiles, Poindexters, and gamers; virtual reality can be a potent way to “take part in a movement,” Kochi says, and feel intimately connected to it. After all, “it’s not just all super-fancy headsets,” she adds.

Watch the live stream of the Virtuous Reality discussion here.