Volunteer Opportunity: Innovation Research Volunteer, Copenhagen
Job Opportunity: Visual Design Consultant (Polio), New York

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Office of Innovation
Duration: 6 months (with an optional extension up to maximum 11.5 months based on performance, need and availability of funding)
Duty Station:  remote
Level: Individual contract (equivalent to P3)

In 2010 UNICEF launched its flagship youth engagement tool U-Report in Uganda (www.ureport.ug). Since then, U-Report has expanded to 23 countries with over 2,000,000 young people registered and interacting via SMS and Twitter.  The system enables young people and community members to join the system to become U-Reporters and then speak out on issues they care about.

In 2014, UNICEF launched a new solutions platform called RapidPro. RapidPro is the platform that powers U-Report across the majority of countries where it exists.  Based on the RapidPro platform young people can now join U-Report from anywhere in the world from the U-Report app available globally, via Facebook bot (facebook.com/ureportglobal) as well as Twitter (@UReportGlobal).

The expansion of the U-Report program throughout Asia, Latin American and globally is a priority for 2016 and onwards. UNICEF is seeking a U-Report Campaign Manager to support the U-Report strategic lead in raising awareness about the U-Report system primarily externally to potential U-Reporters and also internally to key UNICEF stakeholders.  The key objectives that contribute to U-Report are:
1. Scale: Ensure young people find out about the programme and can choose to opt into it.
2. Engage U-Reporters: Once U-Reporters have joined ensuring communication is relevant and U-Reporters receive feedback is key.
3. Application of crowd-sourced data from U-Report to achieve positive social change.

About RapidPro
RapidPro is an open-source platform of applications, one of which is U-Report, that can help governments deliver rapid and vital real-time information and connect communities to lifesaving services. Its flow-based system enables administrators to quickly and intuitively create customized information and response flows to address any substantive area, or to easily reuse existing solutions. Existing solutions cover gathering real-time information and providing life-impacting content on education, immunization, and health systems strengthening, with potentially limitless solutions.

About U-Report
U-Report is a mature, youth engagement solution serving more than 2 million young people.  There are two models of recruiting U-Reporters: First, through the traditional model of national level deployment, where SMS is a key communication channel.  UNICEF and our partners have been using this model since 2011.  Second there is now a global U-Report system which is accessible only through digital communication channels (e.g the app, Facebook, Twitter & Telegram). Supporting the scale up of the global U-Report system is the primary focus of this consultancy.

This is how it works:
• Young people sign up through one of four channels by simply:
• Liking Facebook page, sending a Facebook message to U-Report
• Follow @UReportGlobal and register
• Download and register via the app
• Follow the U-Report bot on Telegram
• Once registered U-Reporters receive three types of communications:

1) Weekly polls and results on important social/development/emergency issues
2) Alerts and life saving information
3) One-on-one counseling/advice services on specific issues (e.g. sexual reproductive health, entrepreneurship advice, child rights or legal advice)

• Incoming messages are analyzed, sorted, and displayed in real-time on a dashboard.
• U-Reporters receive feedback and additional information regarding each week’s poll.
• Results are broadcast for U-Reporters and the general public via the U-Report websites (found here: www.ureport.in)

In Uganda – the first country to deploy U-Report – hundreds of thousands of youth and their government are linked through U-Report — prompting policy changes and strengthening UNICEF programmes. In Nigeria, a rapidly growing base of U-Reporters have been voicing their thoughts on health and economic related issues–becoming a key group of social mobilizers in the effort to raise awareness about the Ebola epidemic.  Based on new developments U-Report is now available globally, from any country on Facebook, Twitter or via the U-Report app and Global Innovation Center is making a concerted effort to scale this programme through awareness raising, partnerships, paid media and organic social media.

In order to scale the digital system U-Report and the Global Innovation Centre requires particular expertise in fulfilling the vision of scaling the channel to create a global movement of youth around development issues for social good.

To scale U-Report Global digital channels by:
• Develop, manage, buy and optimise paid digital media campaigns.
• Work with creative resources and/or agencies internally and externally to oversee the creative process for digital advert development.
• Manage Google search paid media campaign.
• Develop a quarterly newsletter for internal circulation at senior staff level.
• Documenting best practices and lessons learned.
• Run campaigns on various online platforms and group chats on U-Report issues.
• Create content promoting the U-Report platform for internal and external use including the U-Report website www.ureport.in .
• Manage and optimize campaign budgets
• Decide and Manage objectives, bids and budget caps within online ad buying tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Demand Side Platforms.
• Moderate stories submitted by U-Reporters through the U-Report App
• Manage focus groups of young people to collect feedback on U-Report tools and recommendations for future iterations to improve user experience.
• Help promote, maintain and improve the U-Report app.
• Support organisation of the U-Report conference.
• Support internal communication of success stories and lessons learned for senior staff.
• Assist in organizing the U-Report conference

• Experience with a high-level communications campaign across multiple mediums (including social networks and messaging platforms), with national brand recognition
• Experience working with young brands and driving results online, specifically within Facebook, Twitter or Demand Side Platforms.
• Experience engaging with political structures, civil society pressure groups, and other channels of national influence
• Fluency in written English; excellent communication skills, another UN language an advantage
• At least 5 years of experience working within media or communications planning or buying or equivalent.
• Experience working in developing countries and good knowledge of UNICEF’s work.
• Experience working in a team from a variety of cultures.
• Strong communication and collaboration skills with experience in consensus building and in motivating cross-functional teams to meet ambitious project goals and timelines;
• Able to work independently, has sound judgment and strong organizational skills.
• Experience working with a web based platforms
• Experience in creating or managing digital content for young people is a strong plus;
• Experience in maintaining and creating website content.
• Demonstrated ability to work in a multicultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships;
• Ability to travel, occasionally to remote locations;
• Bachelor’s degree, ideally in communications, journalism, or a related field

Download the complete Terms of Reference here

Volunteer Opportunity: Innovation Research Volunteer, Copenhagen
Job Opportunity: Visual Design Consultant (Polio), New York