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1. Background and rationale

UNICEF Burundi hosts one of the 9 Innovation labs within UNICEF. The Lab focusses on developing state-of-the art technology based products and services, and does this by developing completely new solutions or adapting existing solutions to the local context. Given the diverse emergency scenarios and the expected response from the CO to ensure the Core Commitments for Children are met to the fullest extent, the Innovation Lab seeks to step up its support to the different CO programs and as such the need to quickly respond to requests for innovative solutions is an imperative, a function that will be greatly enhanced by the presence of the senior developer.

The Lab is seeking to recruit, on a consultancy basis, a senior developer with expertise and experience in designing, developing and deploying a wide range of technology products and services, across diverse operating platforms and end-user access devices and platforms.

2. Purpose of the position

Under the general guidance of the ICT4D Specialist, and in close collaboration with the ICT Officer, the senior developer will be responsible for all the software development work undertaken in the lab, which includes analysis and design, development, testing, training and documentation. The senior developer will manage a team of junior developers and interns working in the Lab, and will be expected to nurture a professional developer culture and environment where best practice and standards are continuously upheld in all development activities.

3. Main responsibilities and tasks

· Undertake analysis, design and development of all approved systems, and produce technical documentation of the same

· Develop an implementation plan and manage the entire systems development cycle

· Ensure up-to-date backups of all systems under development

· Prepare user and technical documentation for all technology systems

· Continually monitor deployed applications to ensure high up-time and availability

· Participate in end-user training and capacity building

· Mentor and provide technical leadership and guidance to junior developers, interns and any other young developers that BCO will engage

4. Expected results

· High quality technology solutions that fit the CO context and that adhere to best practices and standards in technology solutions design, development and deployment

· Vibrant and professional developer environment in the BCO Innovation lab

5. Qualifications and Experience required

· Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

· At least 2 years full-time working experience in a techonology systems development role.

· Proven ability to define project objectives by analyzing user requirements, envisioning system features and functionality, and selecting ‘fit-for-purpose’ technologies and approaches; and experience in developing software/applications based on industry-standard development life cycle processes

A. Competency Profile

Core Values (Required)

· Commitment

· Diversity and Inclusion

· Integrity

Core Competencies (Required)

· Communication [1]

· Drive for Result [1]

· Working With People [1]

Functional Competencies (Required)

· Analyzing [II]

· Applying Technical Expertise [II]

· Formulating Strategies and Concepts [I]

· Planning and Organizing [I]

B. Technical Knowledge

Front-end development skills

· Ability to create responsive web apps/pages using latest technologies based on UI-UX standards

· In-depth knowledge of HTML/CSS. Knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3 is an added advantage

· Comfortable working with jQuery & JavaScript

· Can create GIS-enabled applications

· Can create interactive data visualization dashboards, experience with RapidPro or ODK is an added advantage.

· In-depth knowledge on developing and deploying mobile apps and mobi-sites

· In-depth knowledge on designing and implementing secure web and mobile apps

· Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization process

Back-end development skills

· Adequate knowledge on Object-Oriented Programming & Data structures

· Familiarity with at least one scripting language: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails

· Comfortable working within a Linux system environment

· Familiar with a source-code version-control tool e.g. GIT

· Expertise in using a RDMS e.g. MySQL. Experience is using PostgreSQL and Oracle is an added advantage

· Knowledge in using and integrating mapping APIs e.g. Google maps

· Knowledge in using and integrating web services

· Familiarity with security protocols and measures e.g. session management, one-way encryption mechanisms, multi-level security checks, SSH etc.

· Can work with & integrate with remote data collection and presentation tools

· Knowledge in managing and customizing a Content Management Systems (CMS)

Project management skills

· Create work flow diagrams for projects

· Write technical and end-user documentation for software projects

· Ability to supervise & work in a team to meet strict deadlines

· Adapting the program to new requirements, as necessary

· Working and communicating well with colleagues and clients

· Conducting user-acceptance testing

· Updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software/apps


Download the complete Terms of Reference here