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Location: UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Start Date: As soon as possible, latest June 2016
Reporting to: Chief Innovation, UNICEF Supply Division, Copenhagen.
Duration:  6 months Consultancy, full-time.

On February 1, 2016, WHO declared the ZIKA virus a public health emergency. By March 9, 2016, 31 countries and territories in the Americas had reported local transmission of the virus. ZIKA, a virus transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito, was first identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and Tanzania. Outbreaks of ZIKA have since been reported in Africa, the Americas, and Asia and the Pacific.

UNICEF is scaling up its support to countries in the region and stands ready to support national governments as needed – using its network of 24 offices serving 35 countries and territories. UNICEF Supply Division has been tasked with ensuring that effective supplies are made available to cope with this emergency – the problem is that appropriate and regulatory approved diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines are not available on the market.

UNICEF Supply Division has created a number of Product Innovation Projects (PIPs) with the end goal to enable the availability of products across the health system for this emergency. Therefore UNICEF is seeking a consultant, in the position of “Innovation Project Consultant”, to manage a number of ZIKA related Product Innovation Projects (PIPs).

The office requires an experienced project manager with a strong understand of global health and/or of medical science to drive product innovation through scoping, researching, evaluating and scaling up of PIPs in close collaboration with different UNICEF offices as well as with external collaborators, including WHO, PAHO, regulatory bodies and suppliers.

The purpose of this full-time consultancy is to support SD Innovation Unit and the procurement centres (Vaccine Centre (VC), Health Technology (HTC) and Medicines and Nutrition Centre (MNC)) by managing a series of PIPs related to UNICEFs engagement in addressing the ZIKA virus.

Under the supervision of the Chief, Innovation Unit, the consultant’s duties and responsibilities will be split into three areas:

1. HTC Product Innovation Projects: The consultant will drive the PIP to enable the availability of appropriate and innovative Point of Care (POC) and Rapid Diagnostics Tests (RDTs).

2. MNC Product Innovation Projects: The consultant will drive the PIP to enable the availability of appropriate and innovative therapeutics.

3. VC Product Innovation Projects: The consultant will drive the PIP to enable the availability of appropriate and innovative vaccines.
Key Deliverables:
Product innovation projects (60% time allocation)
1. Together with the SD procurement centres and in close collaboration with UNICEF Programme Division, Regional Advisers, Country offices and other key partners, manage a  portfolio of PIPs:
a. HTC PIPs: POC and RDTs for diagnosing ZIKA virus.
b. MNC PIPs: therapeutics and treatments.
c. VC PIPs: vaccines.
2. This includes to:
a. Develop of Target Product Profiles (TPPs) and product specifications.
b. Create project documentation including proposals and presentations to keep the SD Innovation Review Board up to date.
c. Conduct market research, provides analysis, background information and recommendations.
d. Work with the procurement centres on procurement approaches and strategies as well as innovative financing mechanisms to help enable and stimulate competitive markets.
e. Create terms of references (TORs) and shares technical expertise for procurement of products and services to support the development and scale up of innovative products.
f. Plan, and orchestrate in-country field trials (not clinical trials).
g. Communicate with academia and industry in a non-exclusive and fully transparent way to guide development in the right direction.
h. Ensure all relevant stakeholders are kept informed and aligned.
i. Create funding proposals as required.
j. Any other duties and projects required of the supervisor.

The successful candidate shall have:
• Five years professional relevant work experience.  Preferred candidate will also have experience in holistic management of complex product development/innovation projects, with preference for particular areas related to, or of relevance to, ZIKA and other public health emergencies
• Master Degree in Engineering/Innovation/Public Health/Mircobiology or in another relevant discipline.
• Qualifications in Project Management highly desirable.
• Understanding of the science of health care, ideally of direct relevance to ZIKA.
• Understanding of Public Health systems in low resource environments.
• Understanding of the environment in which UNICEF operates, including of the constraints of working in difficult geographical locations, in public health emergencies.
• Experience with managing highly complex projects with complicated stakeholder networks.
• Experience in planning documenting and conducting field trials in low-resource environments.
• Previous experience with UNICEF and/or any other UN Agency would be an asset.


The successful candidate is expected to demonstrate the following competencies that are considered to be necessary to this consultancy:

Core Competencies
• Excellent communicator of verbal and written concepts to an international audiences.
• Able to quickly understand instructions, to proactively seek clarification when needed.
• Able to work well in a team environment.

Functional Competencies
• Able to work independently and problem solving oriented.
• Able to work in a multi-cultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships.
• Demonstrated communication and relationship building skills.
• Proven capacity to work with and lead collaborative teams across different locations and with different technical skills.

Technical Knowledge:
• Proven experience in conducting field trials of technically complicated products.
• Proven experience in project management of product innovation.
• Understanding of current innovation trends in terms of technologies in areas of Vaccines, Diagnostics, Medicines, Nutrition and Health.
• Experience in budgeting for large scale projects.
• Knowledge of health impact and cost efficiency analysis.
• Knowledge of standard MS Office applications (MS Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Fluency in written and spoken English is essential and in another UN language is an advantage.

Download the complete Terms of Reference here

Job Opportunity: WordPress Developer (consultancy), remote
Job Opportunity: Deputy Innovation Ventures, New York, USA