U-Report Ukraine
Over 1000 U-Reporters attended the launch event and workshop series

UNICEF has officially launched U-Report Ukraine with over 1,000 young people coming together to mark the occasion. The new Ukrainian U-Reporters were joined by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Ombudsman for children’s rights and a famous Ukrainian Olympian.

The idea behind the event was not just to launch the new tool but to convene a workshop series around issues important to young Ukrainians such as informal education, career building, gender issues, social activism and urban studies. The workshops were led by opinion leaders and young people who have been successful in achieving dream projects.

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Famous Ukrainian band, Pianoboy, performed at a music concert celebrating the occasion. Band lead singer, Dmytro Shurov, reflected on the event and the new opportunity U-Report brings: “It is extremely important for any person, especially young ones, to feel that they are heard and needed. For me, as a musician who communicates through music, and a citizen who wants our country to progressively develop, it is an honour and pleasure to support this UNICEF initiative.”

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Ukrainian band, Pianoboy, perform at the launch event

U-Report Ukraine has so far held 14 polls and already has over 5000 reporters! The polling topics are decided upon by a Youth Committee to ensure that content is relevant and engaging for their peers. Coordination support is provided by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from UNICEF, the Ukrainian government, other UN agencies, youth organisations and NGOs.

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The U-Report Ukraine Youth Committee

U-Reporters are recruited in a number of innovative ways including through the U-Report Ukraine Promo Video which you can view here.

The launch event was a youth driven success and the team hope U-Report will continue to grow as an important tool for young Ukrainians to engage on topic most important to them.

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