The original article was published on The Drum on 17 February 2016. Written by Gillian West. To read the complete article, click here. 


Mobile innovation is giving the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) the tools it needs to better understand issues facing young people around the world, as the organisation’s innovation co-lead Christopher Fabian observes.

By the end of the decade it’s predicted that 5.5 billion of us will have access to a mobile phone, so it’s no surprise an organisation like Unicef – which operates in no less than 190 countries – has been turning its attentions to mobile.

Speaking to The Drum ahead of the organisation’s executive director Anthony Lake’s keynote address at Mobile World Congress, Unicef innovation co-lead, Christopher Fabian, says the term mobile has become increasingly broad.

“We see it as a driver to connect young people to information, connect them with opportunities and give them access to choice,” he says. “Speed, breadth and access – all three make mobile a vital tool, with the most appealing work allowing us to create information loops that can lead to action.”

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